Kickstart your career with an internship at DRW

Discover the worlds of trading and technology — innovating in the markets while learning from your peers and experts in the field.

Join driven problem-solvers with quantitative mindsets.

If you enjoy taking on new challenges and improving your craft, the opportunities at DRW are diverse — not only in the variety of products we trade, but in how our teams achieve their goals.

An internship at DRW means you’re constantly learning new areas to apply to your quantitative skillset—and questioning how you approach and solve problems.

Person at computer with multiple screens

Trading and technology—and everything in between.

Because we are both a trading and technology firm, you may find yourself immersed in a project with traders, software developers, quantitative researchers and many others. Whether we’re looking for a new edge in the constantly evolving financial markets or solving complex technical problems, collaboration across the organization is the name of the game.

Meet us on campus.

Career fairs, hackathons, info sessions, coffee chats and networking opportunities — you will learn about DRW and meet with developers, quantitative traders and quantitative researchers.

Nominate your school.

Want DRW to visit your campus? We’d love the opportunity to speak to your student group, sponsor your hackathon or partner with your department. Simply let us know you’re interested.
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Tackle meaningful projects.

Right away, you’ll be immersed in an in-depth orientation detailing the functions of our firm, the industry and the many opportunities available to you in a career at DRW. Your 10-week internship will include multiple other opportunities for learning throughout the summer.

Then, with support and guidance from your fellow interns and teammates, you’ll dive into a hands-on project with real-life applications for the firm.

The result: A summer filled with complex problem-solving that leads to a deeper understanding of capital markets and the technology that enables our work.

Hear from past interns on their own projects:

Predicting Low-Latency Trade Impact on Market Volatility
Investigating Treasury Options and Technical Indicators
Finding different methods to forecast interest rate swap data
Utilizing Python to work towards low-latency optimization
Creating a more systematic workflow for a trading desk
Crafting a set of utilities for traders to leverage

Experience our culture.

To give you an authentic experience, we’ve carefully crafted a rewarding internship program that extends beyond the office walls.

Housing Downtown

We provide housing near the office. It’s convenient, fun, and offers a great way to get to know the city.

Mentorship program

You’ll be paired with a mentor to help navigate the transition from college to career and provide support both professionally and personally.

Social events

Relax and share time with coworkers doing things like indoor skydiving, dinner with your mentor, an escape room, a food tour and more.
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Understand the interview process.

While interviewing, you’ll gain insight into our business and how we contribute to the financial markets. Most importantly, you’ll meet the people at DRW and hear firsthand from potential future co-workers where a career with us can lead. We are agile in everything we do at DRW, so no need to worry if your recruitment process is slightly different.

Submit your application.

We review applications on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply early when our roles are posted. Our application process is straightforward and only requires you to submit your most recent resume to be considered.

Complete a technical challenge.

Depending on your role, this could be a quantitative challenge focused on probability and logic skills or a coding challenge on fundamental computer science concepts. You complete this at home under timed conditions.

Participate in a Zoom interview.

You’ll talk to a fellow developer, quantitative trader or researcher on the phone. We’ll get to know you better through technical and behavioral questions.

Visit for a final round interview.

We start day one in the afternoon with introductions followed by a technical challenge. Day two is a full day of interviews focusing on a range of topics, both technical and behavioral. There will be time to network with potential future teammates over the course of both days.

Find the perfect fit.

Meet us on Campus.