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Jiang, an intern in our Singapore office, knew a lot about DRW before she started her summer with us, but didn’t realize how much she’d continue to learn on the job. Read below to learn more about her experience as a software development intern.


I decided to spend my summer at DRW for a lot of reasons. But, the experience I heard from previous DRW interns at my school was what sealed the deal. The Singapore office is relatively new, but it didn’t take long for DRW’s reputation to spread as a great place to work at the National University of Singapore. I was looking for a company to help me better understand what I want to do in my career, and an internship at a trading firm seemed like a perfect first step.

The technology leveraged in the trading industry really drew me to this internship. At DRW, a large focus for my team is low-latency optimization. That is something that’s not usually a goal in general software engineering roles so this role was a unique opportunity for me. I’ve enjoyed learning less conventional optimization skills and techniques, and I was correct that it has definitely given me a unique internship experience so far. Not to mention, my Python skills have really improved!

I hear stories from my classmates at other companies who really struggle with providing employees with the tools and environment they need to succeed. I’m so happy to say I feel the opposite about DRW. On my first day, my entire workspace was set up and worked seamlessly, and the technical support (and the personal support from Human Resources) made me feel like my internship is valued and supported. This experience has been the same with my manager, John. Besides being an extremely experienced engineer, I’ve learned a lot about being efficient in my work, and collaborating with him and my team has given me a perfect example of what I want to achieve in my career.