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Preparing for our technical challenge

As a first step, you will take a technical challenge that will test you on either your coding or quantitative skills. These assessments look to understand your thought process while solving advanced coding and quantitative problems.

If you’re applying for one of our Software Developer positions, your assessment will be coding based. Here is a sample test on Codility to help you prepare. You can expect questions at varying difficulty levels that will assess both correctness and performance of your code. Codility tasks also vary – some may set up a scenario and ask you to write functions in order to get to a specific answer, others may have you pretend you are in a game and you need to help one player win. Whatever tasks you are asked to complete, consider the assumptions presented to you in the problem and write your code efficiently.

If you’re applying for one of our quantitative trader or researcher positions, your assessment will be quantitative based. Be prepared for problems that test your logical and quantitative skills.

When you are ready to begin our challenge, sit down with your computer in a quiet area with no distractions, a strong internet connection and an outlet to keep your computer charged. The questions are designed to be difficult and you will want every opportunity to focus all your attention on them. Schedule enough time to complete the test so you won’t be rushed or distracted – we will provide you with the length of time the exercise will take in the introduction e-mail, so pay careful attention to the amount of time you should set aside.