Who We Are

We are a team of innovative and ambitious individuals who use the power of free markets to solve challenging problems, capture opportunities, ​​​​​​​and pursue positive change.

We work at the intersection of trading and technology.

In 1992, our founder saw an opportunity to start a new type of trading firm – one that applies modeling, technology and quantitative research to identify opportunities in the global financial markets.

Over 30 years later, the combination of these three areas has made DRW one of the leaders in global markets and has created significant runway for the growth of our firm. We still trade for our own account and the absence of outside investors enables us to be innovative and nimble in capturing opportunities.

DRW takes an ambitious yet pragmatic approach to trading.

We are active on exchanges on five continents, trading a wide variety of products and asset classes. In each of these, we are a significant source of liquidity, and we take very seriously our role in ensuring vibrant two-way markets that are efficient, fair and transparent.

Hear from our Founder on DRW's origin and more.

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What makes DRW unique is the diversity of strategies we deploy across asset classes.

DRW is not just a liquidity provider, a risk taker or a latency-sensitive trading firm. We are all of those things. In some markets, we’re all of them at once. In other markets, we focus on just one or two of these trading approaches. This is possible because we have some of the sharpest engineers, technologists, traders, portfolio managers and professionals in the world.

We also leverage our expertise and approach in three non-traditional strategies:


After making our first bitcoin trade in 2010, Cumberland DRW was officially launched in 2014 to become the counterparty of choice for institutional investors.

Venture capital

DRW Venture Capital launched in 2011 and enables us to use our deep expertise in fintech and enterprise tech to invest in companies like BitGo and TradingView.

Real estate

Convexity Properties launched in 2008. Convexity invests in properties and projects where our flexibility, insights and expertise can create significant value.

A dedicated and resourceful team supports our operations across multiple time zones and a wide variety of exchanges and markets.

One of the drivers of this growth and our ongoing innovation has been the belief that each of our nearly 2,000 employees must be empowered to pursue new opportunities, develop new technologies and challenge the consensus of how we’ve always done things. This has enabled DRW to build state-of-the-art technology, create thoughtful market analysis, and implement proven risk management strategies.

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As nimble as a start-up, with a global presence.

Since 1992, DRW has always stayed true to our roots: The ability to identify and capture opportunities by leveraging technology, research and appropriate risk management.


Don Wilson founded DRW and pioneered the use of robust modeling to identify opportunities in the global financial markets.


DRW enters energy markets.


DRW Foundation established to provide resources to organizations focused on access to education, career readiness and opportunity in underserved communities.


Convexity Properties, a DRW Company established to give under appreciated properties a new lease on life.


DRW Venture Capital established to invest directly in financial innovation and technology companies.


Vigilant acquisition – (Montreal, Quebec) Proprietary trading firm specializing in low latency trading and technologies.


Cumberland DRW established – global leader in crypto-asset trading, specializing in institutional-sized liquidity for spot and futures products.


Chopper Trading acquisition – (Chicago, IL) Proprietary trading firm specializing in fixed income.


RGM Advisors acquisition - (Austin, TX) Brought a team of experts to apply scientific methods and cutting-edge technology to equities trading.


DRW utilizes debt market for the first time via a term loan to provide additional capital flexibility.


Goldman Sachs’ first-ever block trade in crypto is executed by Cumberland.


Cumberland Labs launched – global blockchain incubator backed by DRW’s founders

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