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Learn more about our intern projects: Alexis

At DRW, software engineers and traders work hand in hand to create creative solutions for the firm – and Alexis, a previous intern in our London office, got to experience that first hand. Learn more about his experience below.


As an intern in DRW’s London office, my placement looks a little different than usual as it’s six months long. I was excited for this because I knew that I’d be able to spend a long time diving deep into the industry, and to see what life as a software engineer is really like. Working alongside real stakeholders – the traders who will be using the tools I’ve built – makes it a valuable experience.

My first project has been working with historical market data and creating a more systematic workflow for our trading desks. Right now, our process and format have some latency issues, and the team needs to be able to read the data quickly so that they can make decisions more efficiently.

Although I’ve been given the responsibility to work on this project independently, I also work directly with end users (traders) to describe my tool’s functionality, and receive feedback on new features. This unearthed an opportunity to simultaneously work on a project for a second desk – expanding my knowledge of the trading industry even further.

At the end of the day, being able to collaborate with real people who use my work is an invaluable experience, especially with a diverse team like mine. With software engineers and traders working together, I’ve enjoyed adding a human centered design element to my project, because at the end of the day, I’m here to improve the way users interact with the software I create.

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