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3 ways to meet us on campus

This fall, our campus team will be all over the world and we want to meet you. If you’re interested in an internship or full time opportunity at DRW, join us at one of our campus events and come put a face to the name. This personal touch can make a real difference during the recruiting process. Here are a few ways to find us during the fall season and throughout the entire school year.

Career Fairs / Info Sessions

Check our calendar in late August to see what events we are attending in your area. We visit career fairs around the US, Singapore, Canada and the UK. When you stop by our booth, make sure you’re prepared to meet us. Take a look at our website the day before to get a better idea of what we do and what we’re all about. If you’re waiting in line to meet us at our booth, pull out your phone and scan our website to get a quick refresher. By taking this time to get to know us in advance, you will be able to ask more specific questions about what your experience at DRW would look like and maximize your face time with us.

At many schools, we will also hold info sessions where you can hear from a developer, quantitative trader or researcher about a project they’re working on at DRW. These sessions will help you understand the types of problems we solve and what a day in the life of a DRW employee looks like.

Meet us for coffee

If we’re on your campus or at a school near you, reach out to us via email and set up a time to get coffee with someone from our talent acquisition team. We’re always interested in getting to know you one on one to answer any questions you might have, share advice as you go through the job and internship search process, or even our ideas on classes you could take or clubs to join if you are early in your college career. Our talent acquisition team wants help you transition from college to career with ease.

Hackathons / Trading Competitions

Keep up to date on where we’ll be. While we typically only visit universities for career fairs and info sessions in the fall, we attend hackathons and competitions year-round at many universities around the world. Check our campus calendar throughout the year so you don’t miss us. After we meet, be sure to follow up with a quick email so we can keep in touch and let you know the next time we’ll be on your campus, or attending a hackathon or trading competition near you.