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Learn more about our intern projects: Aleksa

Aleksa came to DRW without much knowledge of theoretical concepts in trading, but has enjoyed getting to apply the things he’s learned during his internship into his work. Learn more about his Quantitative Trading Analyst internship in our Chicago office:


I had a really positive experience interviewing at DRW, and it didn’t take me long to realize it would be a great place to work over the summer. I’m currently a Quantitative Trading Analyst intern, which means I get to combine technology, research and risk management to help identify optimal trading strategies. Between collaborating with the senior traders and technologists on my desk, I’ve already learned a ton in my time here.

This summer, my focus has been on using different methods to forecast interest rate swap data. My internship has given me the chance to take a deep dive into how trading and research are intertwined, especially since I’m new to the trading industry. Learning how these interest-rate derivatives function has helped me hone my skills – whether it’s improving my Python abilities or gaining experience with different statistical tools.

Before I came to DRW, I understood some of these concepts in theory, but not in practice. It’s really different actually applying them, and my team has been helpful while I learn how to do that effectively. Through working with my manager and my new hire buddy, I’ve been given the freedom and responsibility to try new things and ideas – and that’s an experience you don’t find with every internship.