We use markets to solve problems

Since 2020, DRW has partnered with Climate Vault to become one of the first carbon neutral trading firms.

We believe in harnessing the power of markets to tackle challenges like climate change. Climate Vault’s unique approach to offsetting carbon emissions taps into the potential of markets and offers a compelling solution to a difficult problem.
Don Wilson, Climate Vault Founder and CEO of DRW

The Goal is to Make Net Zero a Reality

Together with the organization's other founding partners, we enabled Climate Vault to reduce more than 200,000 metric tons of CO2 at its launch, and continue to support its critical mission.

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What is Climate Vault?

Climate Vault is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. Its mission is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, one of the leading causes of climate change, while supporting innovation that can remove CO2 already in the atmosphere.

How is Climate Vault's approach effective?

There are a limited number of permits available in cap-and-trade compliance markets, which are regulated markets subject to significant government oversight.  When we purchase carbon permits to offset our clients' carbon emissions, we vault them until such time as we can resell them back into the market to fund a proven, permanent removal solution.

How does Climate Vault support permanent removal?

Climate Vault has assembled a Technology Experts Chamber, a team of some of the world’s most respected scientists, policy experts and academics dedicated to advancing carbon removal technologies.  The Tech Chamber’s role is to identify and assess potential innovations, review grant applications and evaluate the potential positive impact of these carbon removal technologies. Based on the Chamber’s recommendation, Climate Vault will use the aggregated monetary value of its vaulted permits to purchase the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere by enterprises using these game-changing technologies. The Tech Chamber will also verify and ensure that the removal has actually happened.

How our partnership with Climate Vault works.


DRW's emissions are calculated.

Working with the Climate Vault Team, DRW’s emissions are calculated and valued using current market pricing of compliance credits. Once the valuation is determined, the firm makes a donation to Climate Vault for that amount.


Credits are vaulted.

Climate Vault uses the donation to purchase compliance credits, thus reducing CO2 that would have been emitted by that amount.


Carbon removal companies are engaged.

Carbon removal companies vetted through the Climate Vault Tech Chamber become eligible to enter into offtake agreements with Climate Vault.


Credits are unvaulted.

Climate Vault’s process supports Carbon Dioxide Removal enterprises to permanently remove CO2

Powerful solutions to global challenges.

Our partnership with Climate Vault reflects our long-standing commitment to solve emerging global issues and create opportunities in the communities where we live and work. We seek opportunities to use our resources to drive positive change.

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