Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

DRW offers liquidity to institutional investors focused on trading ETFs globally.

Work with an award-winning ETF liquidity provider.

DRW is an independent ETF liquidity provider and authorized participant (AP) in over 2,000 ETFs. We are trading OTC with institutional counterparties and on European, American and APAC exchanges for the following asset classes: equities, fixed income, commodities and crypto.

Experience and a thorough approach lead to wins:

  • Best Overall ETF Liquidity Provider/Market Maker
  • Best Market Maker/Authorised Participant - Equity ETFs
  • Best Market Maker/Authorised Participant – Fixed Income ETFs
  • Best Market Maker/Authorised Participant – Cryptocurrencies
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DRW is a one-stop-shop liquidity provider for ETFs across all asset classes.

We add value by providing institutional investors and ETF issuers with more options, better prices and less dependency.
"DRW is able to enter a competitive market and add value to a trading desk"
Execution desk, Italy

Combining sophisticated tech and risk management for an institutional experience.

Track record

One of the world's leading liquidity providers with 30 years of experience; active across all asset classes


A team of 40 professionals with extensive experience trading ETFs and long-standing relationships with buy-side investors and ETF issuers

Full service

Trading all main equity (developed & emerging markets), fixed income (Govs Europe & U.S. and EU IG/HY), crypto and commodity ETFs/ETCs


Offering training to give counterparties a better understanding of the product

Best execution

Combining research and risk management with superior technology and execution on our own extensive global radio frequency network

Counterparty risk diversification

Adding DRW to the list of RFQ counterparties may reduce your counterparty risk exposure
Leadenhall building
Our team of dedicated ETF professionals consists of experts who have played a vital role in developing the ETF industry in EMEA and APAC. The team has a strong focus on trading and price efficiency, product selection and education with ETFs.
ETF Trade Hit Ratio (buy side counterparties only)
Fixed Income
DRW at a Glance
$1.02 Trillion
DRW's trading volume in ETFs (USD) for 2022
Number of ETFs of which DRW is an AP

Commentary from the Desk

Read our monthly reports to stay informed on market moves and activity we're seeing on our trading desk.

Onboard with DRW Global Markets.

By onboarding with DRW, institutional investors benefit from a counterparty with in-depth ETF knowledge and broad, independent ETF trading capabilities, further supported by decades of risk management and technology experience.

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