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Quantitative Trading Analyst shares how her keen interest in math led her to pursue a career in trading

Quantitative Trading Analyst Tejal sat down with us to discuss her career and what she enjoys most about our London office.

What was your path to DRW?

Whilst studying for my MSCI in math at Imperial, I was introduced to quantitative trading through a sponsored event at our math society and applied to a few internships in the field. After my internship at Jane Street, it was clear to me that quantitative trading aligned with my keen interest in math, would mentally challenge me and was definitely the career path I wanted to pursue.

A friend recommended that I apply to DRW for a Quant Trader position and eventually accepted an offer.

Please describe your current role and day-to-day responsibilities and projects?

A quantitative trader on the ETFs desk, where my responsibilities include setting up and monitoring trading strategies throughout the day, working in Python on improving our systems and pricing. Additionally, analysing trades from the previous day.

What's your favourite part of your job? What is the most challenging part of your job?

My favourite part without a doubt is working alongside my team. I love bouncing ideas between co-workers and collaborating on strategies. Within my first few months of joining DRW I learned about how the markets work. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility from the get-go which is highly challenging and rewarding.

What skills are most important to be successful in your role?

What makes me successful in my role is the ability to think quickly on my feet - you need to be able to react quickly to movements in the markets. Another important skill is being adaptable, creative and being able to make full use of the resources around you. Good attention to detail also goes a long way in this job.

What's your favourite thing about the London office?

As an employee of the London office, I've come to appreciate all the amazing aspects of this location, from the breath-taking views of the city to the fantastic employee events we hold here. However, what truly sets this office apart for me is the electrifying atmosphere of the trading floor. The buzz and energy are palpable, and it's impossible not to feel motivated by it. Being part of this vibrant environment makes a real difference and has been a highlight of my time here.

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