A champion of what’s possible.

We support causes that create opportunities for people and also challenge ourselves to lead on important global issues.

Working toward a better world.

DRW gives our people the power to do great things at work—and we don’t stop there. We are committed as an organization and as individuals to make an impact on the world and change it for the better.

DRW Foundation

The DRW Foundation, founded in 2005, is the philanthropic arm of DRW through which we make all charitable donations.

Our mission is to provide resources to organizations focused on access to education, career readiness and opportunity in underserved communities. We center our efforts on investing in sustainable, holistic programs with a vision to empower communities and individuals for the long term.

In good company.

When it comes to doing social good, our people make the difference. Whether it’s volunteering or through our global charitable matching program, we empower and encourage our teams to get involved and support the communities in which we live and work.
Playing in T4Youth
Volunteering with MetroSquash.
Participating in a ride to conquer cancer.
Organizing at Open Books.
Coaching First Robotics teams.
Serving at Willing Hearts.

Together, we make an impact.

At DRW, our charitable efforts are fueled by the compassion and dedication of our colleagues.
Ocean meets the shore

Climate Vault

Climate Vault’s mission is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, one of the leading causes of climate change, while supporting innovation that can remove CO2 already in the atmosphere. To do this, the organization purchases carbon permits from regulated cap-and-trade compliance markets and “vaults” them, locking them away so carbon emitters can’t use them.

Founded in part by Don Wilson, the founder and CEO of DRW, the organization enjoys the support of our team and resources. Together with the organization’s other founding partners, we enabled Climate Vault to reduce more than 200,000 metric tons of CO2 at its launch, and continue to support its critical mission.

DRW apprenticeship programs

We believe talent exists equally everywhere, but opportunity does not. Apprenticeships are a powerful tool in solving this issue and creating real change.

Since 2016, we have supported Code Platoon, welcoming veterans to DRW for software engineering apprenticeships. We also launched our own software engineering apprenticeship in 2020, which seeks individuals from under-represented communities and gives them the training, tools and opportunities to advance their ambitions.

Our Partners

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