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AI Researcher

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Summer 2025

Our formula for success is to hire exceptional people, encourage their ideas and reward their results.

As an AI Researcher, you will be an integral member of a team of experienced technologists, researchers, quants and traders. You will collaborate closely with two other researchers to solve challenging AI and machine learning problems. Your projects will vary depending on priorities at the start of your employment and could include AI for time series modeling or developing large language models (LLMs). We are looking for individuals eager to learn new AI technologies, create innovative solutions, and choose the right tools to directly impact our business. You will be surrounded by cutting-edge technology, given immediate responsibility, mentored by industry-leading experts, and attend a robust training program to ensure your success at DRW.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Algorithm Development: Creating and testing new AI models and algorithms to solve specific problems or improve existing methods.
  • Data Engineering: Building data pipelines for model training and evaluation, including data collection, cleaning, preprocessing, and labeling, while contributing to better data management practices.
  • Model Testing & Evaluation: Designing and implementing rigorous testing frameworks to assess model performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Collaboration: Working closely with team members to establish and refine research methodologies, promoting peer reviews, testing, and thorough documentation.
  • Research & Learning: Staying updated on the latest AI techniques and advancements, sharing insights, and actively bringing improvements to research processes.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • PhD in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science, or a related field graduating between December 2024 and June 2025.
  • Strong foundation in AI concepts.
  • Strong knowledge of machine learning.
  • Solid technical and programming skills (Python, Java, GitHub).
  • Familiarity with machine learning framework (Spark, PyTorch, etc.).
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Deep interest in financial markets.

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with NLP tasks
  • Knowledge of TensorFlow or PyTorch.
  • Basic understanding of MLOps principles (monitoring, versioning, model serving).

Learning Opportunities:

  • Gain in-depth experience with cutting-edge ML/AI techniques and model deployment.
  • Develop robust machine learning research skills, from data engineering to model evaluation, while contributing to advancements in AI methodologies and practices.
  • Contribute to research projects with potential impact on financial decision-making and other applied domains.
  • Engage in fostering a collaborative research culture, driving improvements in research quality, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

DRW is a diversified trading firm with over 3 decades of experience bringing sophisticated technology and exceptional people together to operate in markets around the world.  We value autonomy and the ability to quickly pivot to capture opportunities, so we operate using our own capital and trading at our own risk. 

Headquartered in Chicago with offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, we trade a variety of asset classes including Fixed Income, ETFs, Equities, FX, Commodities and Energy across all major global markets. We have also leveraged our expertise and technology to expand into three non-traditional strategies: real estate, venture capital and cryptoassets. 

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