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Begin and evolve your career at DRW.

Discover the worlds of trading and technology — innovating in the markets while learning from your peers and experts in the field.

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Take on new challenges and solve complex problems every day.

For driven problem-solvers like you, your future at DRW knows no bounds. Because we offer diversity in the products we trade as well as how our teams approach projects, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and apply them in a multitude of environments.
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Trading and technology—and everything in between.

As both a trading and technology firm who trades for our own accounts, we can be innovative and nimble. Our approach to technology is ambitious, yet pragmatic.

Our teams are empowered to solve challenging business problems, with software developers collaborating with equally motivated traders and researchers to engineer the right solutions for the job.

What to expect in your first five years.

Join a global team of developers, quantitative traders and researchers, all driven by passion, intellect and a desire to succeed. While building new skills through pair programming or researching new strategies, you will increasingly take on more responsibility.

Don’t worry, we’ll get you prepared with all the tools you need and an in-depth training program that’s designed to get you up to speed.

Your first year will be fast-paced, challenging and rewarding as you work alongside a supportive community of fellow recent grads and learn from senior colleagues, connecting socially and intellectually.

Where will you be in five years? Take a look at experiences from recent new-hire classes.
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Average time to promotion for a university hire
University hires gaining experience on more than one team
University hires relocating to a DRW global office

Opportunities for new graduates 
at DRW.

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A good idea can come from anywhere. I see people inspiring each other every day to stay curious and adapt to change.”


Talent Development Lead

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Plan for your development at DRW.

Learning is a core value here and we’re committed to making learning opportunities easily accessible so all employees can build their skills and develop their careers.

We have built a personalized learning program with a simple goal — to help you gain a deep understanding of DRW, our role in the financial markets and the tools you will need to be successful in your new career.

Self-directed experiences

Internal and external experts

Hands-on projects

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Understand the interview process.

While interviewing, you’ll gain insight into our business and how we contribute to the financial markets. Most importantly, you’ll meet the people at DRW and hear firsthand from potential future co-workers where a career with us can lead. We are agile in everything we do at DRW, so no need to worry if your recruitment process is slightly different.

Submit your application.

We review applications on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply early when our roles are posted. Our application process is straightforward and only requires you to submit your most recent resume to be considered.

Complete a technical challenge.

Depending on your role, this could be a quantitative challenge focused on probability and logic skills or a coding challenge on fundamental computer science concepts. You complete this at home under timed conditions.

Participate in a phone interview.

You’ll talk to a fellow developer, quantitative trader or researcher on the phone. We’ll get to know you better through technical and behavioral questions.

Visit for a final round interview.

We start day one in the afternoon with introductions followed by a technical challenge. Day two is a full day of interviews focusing on a range of topics, both technical and behavioral. There will be time to network with potential future teammates over the course of both days.

Find the perfect fit.

Get in touch.