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In the News: Technologists in trading firms now in “powerful” position, says DRW’s Asia head


Technologists from startups or the likes of Facebook and Google can be persuaded to join trading firms, if they are offered “powerful” jobs working on innovative new products, says the man spearheading a new hiring drive by principal trading firm DRW in Singapore.

DRW plans to increase its Singapore headcount from its current level of 40, and many of the new recruits will be technologists, says Brook Teeter, DRW’s head of Asia, adding that he prefers not to set precise headcount targets.

“You don’t necessarily need finance sector experience to join us as a technologist, which means we’re competing with technology firms for talent as well as financial institutions,” he adds. “We’ve found that candidates from the technology industry – whether at established players or startups – are very keen to learn about financial markets and apply their skills in our industry. And it’s a lot easier to teach a great C++ developer about finance than it is the other way around.”

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