Cumberland Jan 11, 2022
Coffee Series: A Discussion with Cryptoasset Analyst Nate George

What was your journey into Crypto? I became interested in Crypto in early 2017. While in college, a friend offered to sell me $100 in Bitcoin for a discount. At the time, I didn’t know what it was all about but it seemed like a good deal, however, after seeing it increase in value, I figured I should learn more about it. I spent the next 6 months learning everything I could about the industry and managed to land a job working at a family office VC fund that was very active in the space.

Cumberland Jan 10, 2022
Coffee Series with Cryptoasset Analyst Nate George: DeFi Regulation, NFT's, and the Metaverse

How will DeFi regulation effect the markets? DeFi regulation is a complicated topic. Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler frequently describes himself as a “cop on the beat” for the crypto industry and is not shy about his goal to push further regulation to the sector which he feels lacks sufficient investor protection and regulatory oversight. Gensler’s focus on the crypto industry has been reiterated on numerous occasions throughout the past few months, stating that teams building DeFi protocols should “come in” to work with the SEC and “get registered”.

Cumberland Jan 4, 2022
Coffee Series with Cryptoasset Analyst Nate George: 2022 Crypto Trends

What was your journey into Crypto? I became interested in Crypto in early 2017. While in college, a friend offered to sell me $100 in Bitcoin for a discount. At the time, I didn’t know what it was all about but it seemed like a good deal, however, after seeing it increase in value, I figured I should learn more about it. I spent the next 6 months learning everything I could about the industry and managed to land a job working at a family office VC fund that was very active in the space.

LeadershipCumberland Nov 2, 2021
Cumberland's Chris Zuehlke discusses the President's Working Group Report on Stablecoins

CumberlandLeadershipChicago Sep 24, 2021
Breaking down trends in the cryptocurrency market

LeadershipCumberland Sep 23, 2021
Breaking down trends in the cryptocurrency market

CumberlandTechnology Aug 5, 2021
Cumberland DRW Joins the Pyth network, Bringing Hifi Data to DeFi

In a world that is rapidly trending back towards being more decentralized, the potential of blockchain and other DeFi-based applications is beginning to gain significant momentum in offering innovative approaches that reach far beyond the cryptoasset space. As part of a global trading firm that was an early entrant in cryptoasset markets and blockchain technology, Cumberland is excited to help bring these solutions to fruition and advance infrastructure in a market that is continuously evolving.

LeadershipEtfsCumberland Aug 4, 2021
ETFs make sense for crypto markets, says Cumberland’s Chris Zuehlke

Cumberland Apr 29, 2021
Interview with Vignesh Sundaresan ('Metakovan')

Best known as the purchaser of Beeple’s digital art piece ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days,’ Vignesh Sundaresan (aka ‘Metakovan’), is a Singapore-based blockchain entrepreneur, coder and angel investor. In this wide-ranging discussion, Metakovan talks with Cumberland’s Global Head of Business Development Justin Chow, about his interest and approach to the NFT market, as well as his vision for the role NFTs will play in everyday life in the future. Watch the full interview:

Life at drwCumberlandChicago Mar 5, 2021
Cryptocurrency analyst shares his 100% remote interviewing and onboarding experience

How did you learn about DRW? I learned about DRW through Brian, who manages the team I’m a part of. I was introduced to Brian and after hearing about DRW I was immediately drawn to the organization. I had a background working in the cryptocurrency space and Cumberland DRW happened to be hiring for a position I felt I was a strong fit for me and my interests. Can you describe your interview experience?

Cumberland Feb 16, 2021
Bitcoin Trades Above $50,000 for First Time

SingaporeCumberland Jan 28, 2021
Singapore is flush with crypto startups, but trails in funding

CumberlandCareers Jan 26, 2021
How to land a job in the red-hot world of crypto trading and investing

Read the full Business Insider article (subscription required).

Cumberland Jan 11, 2021
Analysis: Cancel your weekends! Bitcoin doesn't rest, and neither can you

Cumberland Jan 11, 2021
Bitcoin’s wild ride leaves traditional money managers queasy

Life at drwCareersCumberland Apr 27, 2020
Maintaining a Sense of Urgency, Especially in Times of Uncertainty

Brian – Director of Strategy for Cumberland, DRW’s crypto asset subsidiary Thad – IT Desktop Team Lead Zach – Head of Strategic Planning As DRW has worked to maximize the ability of our people to work remotely, what has been the biggest challenge for you and your team? THAD: Providing and assisting users with new work-from-home technology has been an exciting challenge for my team. From creating new remote setups to demonstrating how to utilize the equipment, we worked quickly to take common requests and create a standard template to provide information to users.

CumberlandChicagoCareers Dec 19, 2018
Cryptoasset pioneers: How DRW's engineers are building tech for the future of trading

DRW has long been at the intersection of technology and finance, so it’s no surprise they’re at the forefront of the latest financial revolution: cryptoassets. The principal trading firm and its cryptoasset subsidiary, Cumberland, are working to bring predictability and clarity to a rapidly-evolving industry. To do so, developers are building off the tools and expertise that have previously helped them create agriculture and fixed income market models. Read more at Built in Chicago.

Venture capitalCumberland Dec 4, 2018
Press Release: ErisX Positioned to Dominate the Digital Asset Space with Support from Second Round of Investors

Venture capitalCumberland Oct 3, 2018
Press Release: Eris Exchange to Create Crypto Market Backed by DRW, Virtu

CumberlandVenture capital Aug 31, 2018
DRW VC Report: Fundamental Valuation of Cryptoassets

Download the report here

CumberlandCareersLife at drw Aug 22, 2018
My transition into a career in crypto

One year later – Matt: I developed a personal interest in cryptoassets by learning directly from the Cumberland team. I would often stop by after the markets closed on the grains desk to talk to my friends about the various assets they were trading, the underlying Blockchain technology, and the fact that these markets never closed. I was intrigued by the space so when I saw an opportunity to join the team, I reached out to talent acquisition and two weeks later I was working full time on Cumberland.

Don wilsonCumberland May 1, 2018
In the News: Don Wilson on Unconfirmed: Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto

At the CoinAlts Fund Symposium in New York City on Thursday, Don Wilson, CEO of DRW Holdings, discussed what hopeful signs he’s seeing amid greater regulatory uncertainty, what crypto regulations in other jurisdictions he finds smart, and how the regulatory cloud is affecting the decisions of institutional investors. Listen to the full episode at Unconfirmed.

Venture capitalCumberland Mar 14, 2018
Press Release: UK-Based Coinfloor to Launch Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures

CumberlandChicago Feb 26, 2018
In the News: DRW's Wilson expects bitcoin will change the world

His mission: to explain why these holdings, including cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, are important and “will change the world,” he told about 200 people gathered yesterday for a CFA Society Chicago luncheon in downtown Chicago. Read more at Crain’s.

Cumberland Jan 4, 2018
In the News: 2017's crypto (r)evolution was just the beginning

It was a signal to the market, but cryptocurrency still lacked serious interest from mainstream banks and institutional investors. Today, we’re looking at a very different market and, as one of the largest liquidity providers in the space, Cumberland has had a front row seat to the evolution — or revolution, depending on your perspective. Over the last several years, anyone who was following cryptocurrency or involved at all in the markets alluded that “Wall Street” was coming.

Venture capitalCumberlandLeadershipCareers Jan 4, 2018
Women in Blockchain: Kimberly Trautmann at DRW VC

Kim Trautmann is the Director of DRW Venture Capital. Kim has been personally and professionally investing in financial technology for over a decade. How did you get into bitcoin? I was first introduced to the bitcoin and blockchain industry in 2013. I had a meeting with an influential investor and all he talked about was bitcoin. This was one of my most memorable early conversations because he knew so much about the space and couldn’t have been more excited.

Venture capitalCumberland Dec 11, 2017
Press Release: BitGo Scores $43 Million as Crypto Goes Corporate

CumberlandChicago Nov 27, 2017
In the News: Bitcoin’s trading star is Chicago high-speed firm that nods to the Grateful Dead

DRW Holdings LLC uses quantitative models to buy and sell bitcoin, for its own account and for use as a market maker — firms that grease the wheels of finance by buying, selling and quoting prices. Cumberland, DRW’s digital-currency unit, says it has traded more than $20 billion worth of bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the past year. That makes it one of the top market makers in the sector, traders said.

Cumberland Sep 15, 2017
#DRWat25: Yuval

I joined DRW after a short and less than optimal experience at a competing trading firm. I was uncharacteristically optimistic and equally nervous about how this experience would shape my career, especially given the dissatisfaction I had felt in my prior role. From the outset, I was met with kindness and generosity from my colleagues, a willingness to share information and, generally speaking, a positive energy that clearly flows from the top down.

ChicagoCumberland Jun 8, 2017
In the News: New Chicago Blockchain Center launches

With partners that include the CME Group mercantile exchange, principal trading firm DRW and the State of Illinois, the Chicago Blockchain Center (CBC) was set up to help incubate local blockchain startups, mentor entrepreneurs and students, conduct original research and host a variety of events. Read more at Coindesk.