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A look into DRW's culture

CumberlandLeadershipChicago Sep 24, 2021
Breaking down trends in the cryptocurrency market

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A look into DRW's culture

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City Scholars Partners with DRW to Create Tech Opportunities for U of I Students

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The Future of Fintech Began in 2020

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Product Manager shares her unique interview and onboarding experience amid the COVID-19 pandemic

How did you learn about DRW? I was referred by a friend who works at DRW. I joined DRW because I was looking for a company where people like each other and I was impressed by the longevity of the employees. Most people I talked with had been at the firm at least four years, and some more than ten. I wanted to work at a place where people are smart, motivated and emotionally intelligent.

CareersChicago Mar 8, 2021
What to expect when interviewing and onboarding 100% remotely

Can you describe your interview experience? My interviews and onboarding processes were all coordinated by HR and handled via video calls due to team members and offices working remotely. Although it was a new and different type of experience, the entire process was very smooth. There was always an easy transition between each interviewer and my onboarding process was just the same. I felt connected to the experience in a similar way I imagine I would have felt if it were face-to-face.

Life at drwCumberlandChicago Mar 5, 2021
Cryptocurrency analyst shares his 100% remote interviewing and onboarding experience

How did you learn about DRW? I learned about DRW through Brian, who manages the team I’m a part of. I was introduced to Brian and after hearing about DRW I was immediately drawn to the organization. I had a background working in the cryptocurrency space and Cumberland DRW happened to be hiring for a position I felt I was a strong fit for me and my interests. Can you describe your interview experience?

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How Autonomy Keeps These 5 Chicago Techies Excited About Their Roles

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DRW Named Best Place to Work in Chicago

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Looking for Something New and Exciting? These 10 Chicago Companies Are Hiring Right Now.

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Making Trades: 14 Trading Firms and Technology Companies Changing the Industry

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Chicago-area derivatives firms give more than $4 million to local food bank

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It’s Never Too Late to Change Careers. 9 Women in Chicago Tech Share How They Did It.

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T4Youth unites fintech firms with Chicago's future leaders

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DRW named one of Chicago's Best Places to Work

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Start the Decade Strong: Here's the Inside Scoop on 12 Growing Tech Companies

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The World of Fintech Moves Fast. Here Are 4 Ways Employees at DRW Keep Up

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DRW named one of the Best Paying Companies in Chicago

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50-story office tower to begin construction next to Union Station after getting $476 million loan

Don wilsonChicago Nov 20, 2019
In the News: Chicago Trading Titan Don Wilson Says Libor's Obituaries Are Premature

ChicagoTechnologySoftware engineeringCareers Feb 28, 2019
Cracking the code: How 4 Chicago women discovered their passion for engineering

It’s not hard to find a good story in the tech industry. The problem is that due to the industry’s staggering gender gap, most of these stories center on the struggles and accomplishments of men. Stories about starting a company after dropping out of college or while working out of a garage command attention, but they’re not the only ones capable of inspiring and exciting the technologists of tomorrow. Read more at Built In Chicago.

CumberlandChicagoCareers Dec 19, 2018
Cryptoasset pioneers: How DRW's engineers are building tech for the future of trading

DRW has long been at the intersection of technology and finance, so it’s no surprise they’re at the forefront of the latest financial revolution: cryptoassets. The principal trading firm and its cryptoasset subsidiary, Cumberland, are working to bring predictability and clarity to a rapidly-evolving industry. To do so, developers are building off the tools and expertise that have previously helped them create agriculture and fixed income market models. Read more at Built in Chicago.

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In the News: What’s next? These are the tech trends 8 Chicago companies are watching

Chicago May 8, 2018
Navigating our Chicago HQ

DRW Chicago sits on the western end of The Loop, the Windy City’s central business district, in a neighborhood aptly called the West Loop. While walking around nearby, you’ll notice the revitalization that has taken place, with many former factories and warehouses transformed into trendy lofts and boutiques. One of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Chicago, the West Loop is also home to some of the best restaurants in Chicago. DRW’s proximity to “Restaurant Row” is a welcome perk for all our foodies.

CareersChicago Mar 22, 2018
In the News: From day one - How 6 Chicago companies set new hires up for success

CumberlandChicago Feb 26, 2018
In the News: DRW's Wilson expects bitcoin will change the world

His mission: to explain why these holdings, including cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, are important and “will change the world,” he told about 200 people gathered yesterday for a CFA Society Chicago luncheon in downtown Chicago. Read more at Crain’s.

Software engineeringChicago Jan 31, 2018
In the News: 'It's never boring:' Here's how DRW keeps engineers inspired and challenged

Take Chicago-based principal trading firm DRW, which enjoyed a front row seat as financial markets evolved out of the trading floor pits and onto digital screens. The firm itself was a pioneer in the field, helping bring technology into the trading equation. And to this date, the team doesn’t shy away from new problems — or new, innovative solutions. Read more at Built in Chicago.

ChicagoReal estate Jan 5, 2018
In the News: Viceroy Chicago blends vintage Windy City grandeur with contemporary luxury

Viceroy Hotel Group collaborated with architect Goettsch Partners and international luxury hotel and resort designer Todd-Avery Lenahan, owner and founder of award-winning TAL Studio, on the 18-story urban resort. It features the neighborhood’s first rooftop hotel pool and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. There are sweeping views of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago, and it’s located just blocks away from the high-end shops and restaurants of Michigan Avenue and Oak Street. “A hub for culture, cuisine and style, Chicago is the ideal location to start Viceroy Hotel Group’s journey into the Midwest,” says Bill Walshe, CEO of Viceroy Hotel Group.

TechnologyChicagoPhilanthropy Jan 4, 2018
In the News: Why these Chicago tech companies give back all year round

To make sure that the impact of their efforts are maximized, many local tech companies make giving back part of their cultural DNA. We asked a few of them about the kinds of work they do and to tell us more about their favorite initiatives in 2017. Read more at Built in Chicago

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Curbed Chicago Tours: The Robey Hotel

CumberlandChicago Nov 27, 2017
In the News: Bitcoin’s trading star is Chicago high-speed firm that nods to the Grateful Dead

DRW Holdings LLC uses quantitative models to buy and sell bitcoin, for its own account and for use as a market maker — firms that grease the wheels of finance by buying, selling and quoting prices. Cumberland, DRW’s digital-currency unit, says it has traded more than $20 billion worth of bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the past year. That makes it one of the top market makers in the sector, traders said.

TechnologyChicagoPhilanthropy Nov 20, 2017
In the News: T4Youth’s annual ping pong bash brings home $100k

That dynamic was on full display Wednesday night at SPiN Chicago during the fourth annual T4Youth Table Tennis Tech Tournament More than 400 people from Chicago’s trading and tech community gathered for a night of fun competition all benefiting the Chicago Tech Academy (ChiTech), a charter school in Chicago focused on STEM education for minority and low-income students. The event, co-founded by Objective Paradigm, 3Points Communications and SPR, raised more than $100,000 for the second year in a row.

ChicagoTechnologyPhilanthropy Nov 13, 2017
In the News: This ping pong tournament aims to raise $175K for Chicago Tech Academy

T4Youth is an annual ping pong tournament that brings Chicago’s top tech companies together and raises money for the Chicago Tech Academy, or ChiTech, a nonprofit high school that teaches STEM concepts to minority and low-income students. The amount of funds T4Youth raised has increased year over year, from $50,000 in 2014 to over $100,000 last year. Now in its fourth year, T4Youth expects to involve 48 teams and hundreds of attendees with a goal of raising $175,000 in the team building, networking and fundraising night out.

ChicagoTechnologyCareers Oct 24, 2017
In the News: Meet Chicago’s Top 100 tech companies

Read more at Built In Chicago.

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10 things to know about Viceroy Chicago hotel

ChicagoReal estate Aug 18, 2017
Viceroy Hotel Chicago races toward September opening date

ChicagoLeadershipCareers Jul 28, 2017
In the News: A career shaped by chance and a willingness to "just go for it"

Early on, Levy knew she wanted to be a lawyer, and after law school she thought she’d found her place as a corporate attorney in a law firm. Thirty-two years later, giving an interview from her office with DRW, a Chicago-based financial trading firm, she expresses amazement at the twists and turns, which she says have been all for the better. Read more at Vanguard Law.

ChicagoReal estate Jul 13, 2017
6 reasons why Chicago is still America's design darling

ChicagoCumberland Jun 8, 2017
In the News: New Chicago Blockchain Center launches

With partners that include the CME Group mercantile exchange, principal trading firm DRW and the State of Illinois, the Chicago Blockchain Center (CBC) was set up to help incubate local blockchain startups, mentor entrepreneurs and students, conduct original research and host a variety of events. Read more at Coindesk.

Real estateChicago Jun 5, 2017
In the News: Chicago’s new Viceroy Hotel takes shape in the Gold Coast

Viceroy’s Chicago venture — developed in partnership with Chicago-based Convexity Properties — is on schedule to soft open in September. Read more at Curbed Chicago.

ChicagoReal estate Jun 2, 2017
Chicago's new Viceroy Hotel takes shape in the Gold Coast

Real estateChicago May 30, 2017
Beyond Trading: Convexity Properties

ChicagoReal estate May 26, 2017
In the News: Union Station revamp will include food hall, hotel, residential towers

Real estateChicago May 25, 2017
Union Station revamp will include food hall, hotel, residential towers

Real estateChicago Apr 18, 2017
The coolest hotels in Chicago: Robey and Hollander in Wicker Park

ChicagoTechnologyPhilanthropy Mar 15, 2017
In the News: Chicago finance community raises over $100k for tech education

T4Youth — the four “T”s stand for “tech table tennis tournament” — was founded in 2014 by trading technology recruiting agency Objective Paradigm, SPR Consulting and futures industry public relations firm 3Points Communications with the aim of turning technologists’ common love of ping pong into a way to give back to the community. The event supports the Chicago Tech Academy (ChiTech), a local high school dedicated to providing low-income students with technology and entrepreneurship skills.

ChicagoReal estate Feb 15, 2017
Shinola picks Gold Coast for second Chicago shop

ChicagoReal estate Feb 8, 2017
In the News: The Robey Hotel in Chicago

Now the trend has expanded beyond the Loop, turning a tiny Art Deco office building in the hip Wicker Park neighborhood into a boutique hotel, the Robey. Read more at Architectural Record.

Real estateChicago Feb 1, 2017
The Robey Hotel in Chicago

ChicagoTechnology Dec 16, 2016
In the News: Chicago retains role as capital of derivatives industry

Globex allowed people anywhere in the world to buy and sell futures as easily as the traders shouting in Chicago’s octagonal pits. The technology also signalled the beginning of the end of the open outcry system that had been operating in Chicago since the 19th century. Yet, while the marketplaces have largely become virtual, Chicago has retained its role as capital of the listed derivatives industry. Read more at Financial Times.

Real estateChicago Dec 9, 2016
In the News: Punch Bowl Social replacing Brooklyn Bowl in Fulton Market

The Denver-based concept today announced plans to open on the first and second floors of the recently completed three-story, 60,000-square-foot building at 832-856 W. Fulton Market. The development initially included plans for a 17-story hotel, but that portion of the plan was later scrapped. Punch Bowl Social’s deal was a surprise because Brooklyn Bowl had long been planning a large bowling and live music venue in the space being developed by Chicago-based Convexity Properties.

ChicagoReal estate Dec 9, 2016
In the News: Punch Bowl Social coming to West Loop, replacing planned Brooklyn Bowl site

“The West Loop neighborhood is the fastest growing, hippest area in the city and undeniably the place to be,” Punch Bowl Social founder and CEO Robert Thompson said in a news release. “What we love, and what really taps into the essence of Punch Bowl Social, is how seamlessly the neighborhood blends industrial, gritty roots with an edgy-yet-modern vibe.” The location at 832 W. Fulton St. was initially slated to be a Brooklyn Bowl, according to plans submitted in 2014.

Real estateChicago Dec 9, 2016
In the News: Punch Bowl Social — not Brooklyn Bowl — is heading to Fulton Market

The Denver-based bowling, gaming, restaurant, and bar mini-chain has finally found a spot to open its Chicago location, as Founder and CEO Robert Thompson says they’re coming to 832 W. Fulton Market in October 2017. It’s a switch for the two similar gaming/dining concepts as Punch Bowl’s new lease is for the building that was slated for Brooklyn Bowl. The opportunity for Punch Bowl arrived at the end of the summer and talks to take over the Brooklyn Bowl space escalated quickly, according to Thompson.

ChicagoReal estate Dec 9, 2016
Punch Bowl Social - not Brooklyn Bowl - is heading to Fulton Market

ChicagoReal estate Nov 30, 2016
In the News: Take a tour through Wicker Park’s new Robey hotel

Located in the historic Northwest Tower designed by Perkins, Chatten & Hammond, the new hotel blends contemporary boutique hotel styling with the stoic art deco bones of the 12-story building. The project comes from developer Convexity Properties with the Mexico City-based Grupo Habita functioning as the hotel operator. In total, the hotel features 69 guest rooms and a number of food and beverage offerings, including a rooftop bar and lounge that offers unobstructed views of the Chicago skyline.

ChicagoPhilanthropy Oct 25, 2016
In the News: Invest for Kids to top $10 million raised

Invest for Kids, started by investment professionals Ron Levin and Ben Kovler in 2009, has become a not-to-be-missed event for many of their Chicago peers, and even some outside the city. With support from industry heavyweights like Equity Group Investments Chairman Sam Zell and GCM Grosvenor CEO Michael Sacks, that’s not a huge surprise. The eighth annual gathering is tomorrow. Read more at Crain’s Chicago Business.

ChicagoTechnology Oct 11, 2016
In the News: 2016 Top 100 Digital Technology Companies in Chicago

Don wilsonChicago Sep 6, 2016
In the News: 2016 Who's Who in Chicago

Real estateChicago Aug 15, 2016
In the News: Kuma's bringing burgers to Fulton Market

Up next: a restaurant on the ground floor of the planned Brooklyn Bowl live music and bowling venue in the Fulton Market District. Kuma’s Corner, known for ear-splitting music and burgers named after metal bands — including Black Sabbath, Slayer, Iron Maiden and Mastodon — has leased space in the development at 832-856 W. Fulton Market, said owner Ron Cain. The 3,800-square-foot restaurant, Kuma’s fifth location, is expected to open around February, Cain said.

Venture capitalChicagoLeadership Jul 18, 2016
DRW VC’s Kimberly Trautmann named to Crain’s Chicago Business #Tech50

PhilanthropyChicagoTechnology Jun 14, 2016
My life at DRW: Teaching robotics at DRW College Prep

Bob: Chicago is home to more than 54,000 technologists and was named the top U.S. city for growth-stage technology companies. This presents a huge opportunity for Chicago’s brightest students – like the ones at DRW College Prep –to build their skills and tap this vibrant job market. I believe strongly that giving high schoolers access to more technical training, especially computer programming, is one of the most effective ways to prepare them for the future.

Don wilsonChicago Jun 10, 2016
How a futures trader brought America's Cup racing to Chicago

Chicago’s lakefront seems built for competitive sailing. Deep water near a series of scenic harbors and an active pier sit in the shadow of an iconic skyline, all in a city famous for its wind. It is not surprising then that the world’s premier sailing competition, the America’s Cup, chose the city and Lake Michigan as the first ever fresh water venue to host a Cup race in the event’s 165-year history.

Don wilsonChicago Jun 7, 2016
In the News: Chicago's own Captain America

Six 44-foot catamarans carried in pieces by rail car to Chicago will be reassembled in Navy Pier’s Festival Hall for the biggest sailing competition in Lake Michigan history. The Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Chicago event that starts June 10 and runs three days is expected to draw tens of thousands of spectators to the lakefront. It’s a qualifying run for the final next year in Bermuda, but it’s the first freshwater race in the contest’s 165 years.

Don wilsonChicago Mar 4, 2016
In the News: Don Wilson guest edits John Lothian News

Monday, February 29: Protecting Market Principles Don Wilson calls upon the industry to stay true to the principles of transparency and integrity in the markets and elaborates on how these principles sustain well-functioning markets. Download the PDF Tuesday, March 1: Getting My Start When Don started in the industry, he traded in the pits of the CME during the day and wrote risk software at night in his Chicago studio apartment, learning all he could.

Chicago Feb 18, 2016
In the News: From basketball courts to Nintendo rooms, here are 9 of Chicago's hottest tech offices

ChicagoTradingVenture capital Jan 23, 2016
Why Chicago’s best traders are moving into VC

Chicago’s traders long have injected money into the city’s economy, but now they’re becoming bona fide venture capitalists. The founders of some of the city’s most successful trading companies, including Getco, DRW Holdings and Jump Trading, have created separate entities for VC investing and recently began pouring tens of millions of dollars into startups. Read more at Crain’s Chicago Business

Real estateChicago Jan 20, 2016
In the News: Brand-new Streeterville apartments sell for $240 million

Trader-cum-developer Don Wilson has cashed out completely of his new 50-story high-rise in Streeterville, selling its 398 apartments for $240.3 million. An affiliate of Wilson’s real estate company, Convexity Properties, sold the apartments at 340 E. North Water St. on Jan. 7 to Invesco, an Atlanta-based pension fund adviser, according to Cook County property records. The price amounts to $604,000 per unit, the third-highest per-unit price ever paid for an apartment building in Chicago.

Real estateChicago Jan 13, 2016
In the News: Armitage Collection retail buildings sell for $15 million

Chicago trader Don Wilson has sold a Lincoln Park retail property for almost $15 million, a half-dozen years after acquiring it out of distress from two local developers. A venture led by Wilson, the founder of DRW Trading Group, on Dec. 16 sold the 32,604-square-foot Armitage Collection to San Diego-based LLJ Ventures for $14.7 million, according to Cook County records. The four connected two-story buildings from 1123 to 1133 W. Armitage Ave.

ChicagoTradingTechnology Nov 11, 2015
DRW named a 2015 Top 100 Digital Techology Company in Chicago

Founded in 1992 to identify and capture trading opportunities by leveraging technology, research and risk management, the firm has always focused on technology as key factor for success. Today, DRW employs technologists in all parts of the business and software engineers work closely with traders and researchers to choose the right technology solutions. According to Built In, Chicago is home to more 54,000 technology workers and over 3,200 digital companies.

PhilanthropyChicagoDon wilson Nov 5, 2015
In the News: DRW College Prep is changing lives one student at a time

In a Chicago neighborhood where the number of violent crime reports ranks 9th among Chicago’s 77 communities, DRW College Prep is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of high school students. DRW College Prep sits just six miles away from its benefactor, Chicago-based principal trading firm DRW. Through the school, DRW and its founder and CEO, Don Wilson, are helping bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity. DRW funded a significant portion of the startup costs to launch DRW College Prep and continues to partner with the school — providing both financial and human resources.

Real estateChicago Mar 27, 2015
In the News: Esquire Theater sold for $176 million

A venture from the Spanish investor behind fashion-forward apparel retailer Zara bought the former Esquire Theater building in the Gold Coast for $176 million. The deal closed earlier this month, according to Cook County records. Ponte Gadea Chicago bought the building at 58-104 E. Oak St. from DRW Trading Group, a Chicago-based trading firm led by Don Wilson. Ponte Gadea is the U.S. investment arm of Spanish billionaire Amancio Ortega, founder of Zara’s parent company, Inditex.

ChicagoTechnology Aug 16, 2014
DRW donates entire computer lab to Chicago's Year Up

It all began with some water-cooler chat among two employees about how one was volunteering his time at Year Up. He explained how the organization does not have many resources or experienced persons who know the Mac environment and had to bring in some Macs from DRW just to give the students some hands-on experience and context around what he was discussing in his lectures. Feeling inspired, his colleague wanted to help and asked where he could be of the most help.