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What to expect when interviewing and onboarding 100% remotely

It’s been a year since our teams shifted to a remote environment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we caught up with some team members who have joined the firm over the past year. Hear from Nicole, Product Manager based in Chicago, on her interview and onboarding experience since joining the firm.

Can you describe your interview experience?

My interviews and onboarding processes were all coordinated by HR and handled via video calls due to team members and offices working remotely. Although it was a new and different type of experience, the entire process was very smooth. There was always an easy transition between each interviewer and my onboarding process was just the same. I felt connected to the experience in a similar way I imagine I would have felt if it were face-to-face.

Given our remote “new normal,” what is your sense of DRW’s culture?

We have a weekly newsletter, which is essential in staying up to date with office happenings, events and any other updates at the firm. There are even some renovations going on at the office that have been shared in the newsletter that I have been able to see too. Even though I haven’t been to the office in person, it’s nice to get a sense of what the culture, people and space are like through my daily connections, video calls, activities and the newsletter.

How do you and your team members stay connected?

I meet with my manager frequently throughout the week, as we work through questions and our current scope of work. Utilizing Slack to schedule informal video meetings helps to create the “open door” policy of communication that we would otherwise have if we were working side-by-side in the office together. Our broader team also holds monthly team check-ins to keep teams informed on general updates. We also have weekly “fun” events for things like virtual happy hours where we can get together and catch up!

I look forward to the day when I can meet my colleagues face-to-face, but in the meantime video meetings have been a great substitute for getting us acquainted virtually. It provides a personal touch beyond a typical conference call.

Have you been able to participate in any virtual activities since joining? What activities are you excited about?

The women’s resource group at DRW has lots of fun activities planned for the women of the office that I am looking forward to joining! Additionally, DRW has some awesome virtual cocktail and cooking events that have been a nice addition for employees. I’m glad DRW has these consistently throughout the year so I am excited to join them and get to know other team members a bit more.