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Making markets better.

DRW has been innovating in the global trading sphere for more than 25 years.

25+ years of innovation in trading—and beyond.

It’s been a while since Don Wilson evolved from trading in the pit in Chicago to embracing the power of technology.

In that time we’ve only gotten more curious, more eager to innovate, and better at mitigating risk. We’ve expanded our scope beyond just trading, taking the lessons we’ve learned to the arenas of venture capital, real estate and cryptoassets. In turn, those experiences have taught us valuable lessons that we’ve brought back to market-making.

Trading moves fast. So do we.

For us, good business and progress are synonymous. How to innovate without losing sight of the goal—this is where we have consistently distinguished ourselves during our 30-year history.


Don Wilson founded DRW and pioneered the use of robust modeling to identify opportunities in the global financial markets.


DRW Foundation was established to support philanthropic endeavors involving education, training and housing in the communities we live and work.


Convexity was launched to seize opportunities in the real estate market and apply an agile approach best suited to each project.


DRW Venture Capital was established to invest primarily in financial and enterprise technology with our own capital.


Cumberland was launched, which has grown to become one of the world’s leading crypto liquidity providers.


Goldman Sachs’ first-ever block trade in crypto is executed by Cumberland.
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Powerful solutions to global challenges.

From being the first carbon neutral trading firm and using our technology to solve emerging global issues to creating opportunities in the communities where we live and work, we seek opportunities to use our resources to drive positive change.
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A team of people who excel.

Our leaders have distinguished themselves throughout their careers for their curiosity, capability and passion for excellence. We’re honored they’ve chosen DRW.

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