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DRW VC Portfolio Company Spotlight: Anton Katz, Talos


Anton Katz, co-founder and CEO of Talos, shares how Talos is shaping the future of trading digital assets and what we can expect from the team in the coming months.

What kind of support does Talos offer for digital assets trading?

Talos provides institutional access to the entire crypto ecosystem via a single point of entry. Talos is removing the barriers to wide-scale crypto adoption by providing buy-side institutions and service providers with technology infrastructure that powers the full trade lifecycle. Talos’ integrated platform supports the entirety of the trading process, from price-discovery to execution and settlement. Through an API or a web-based GUI, users can connect directly to their preferred prime brokers, lenders, investors, custodians, exchanges, OTC desks and more, or meet them on Talos. Additionally, Talos users enjoy the 24/7 “white glove” support they expect.

What makes Talos unique?

One of the most unique aspects of Talos is how familiar it feels to institutional traders. That’s because the Talos team comes from traditional capital markets and built many of the trading systems institutions already use. If you believe digital assets are here to stay – which we obviously do, Talos gives institutions access to this asset class in a way that is familiar to them and their teams. Through our single point of entry, institutions have access to the entire digital assets ecosystem.

What can we expect to see from Talos in 2023 and beyond? What goals does Talos have following the Series B financing round?

Our long-term vision is that all markets will eventually trade on the digital asset rails we’re building today. We are using the funding from our recent Series B to turn this vision into a reality by investing in three key areas:

i. Product expansion: Continued innovation and improvements for our current product and upcoming product launches.

ii. Team expansion: We are hiring across the globe for remote roles and/or for our New York, Singapore, and London offices.

iii. Expansion beyond crypto: We are building the trading systems today to enable all markets to trade on the digital assets rails in the future.

Can you explain how Talos’ services help in various aspects of the trade lifecycle?

a. Connectivity: The first benefit, is a fast and simple connection to Talos. Once connected, traders have access to the entire digital assets ecosystem and can connect directly to their preferred prime brokers, lenders, investors, custodians, exchanges, OTC desks and more, or meet them on Talos.

b. Pre-trade: Traders leverage Talos to gain the efficiencies, insights and market visibility needed to optimize for digital assets trading. The process of adding new liquidity is dramatically simplified via one (1) Talos connection to multiple exchanges and OTC desks. Our analyses help users determine which liquidity providers best match their trading profile, giving peace of mind that they are trading with the right partners.

c. Price Discovery: Talos users can view prices from all major liquidity sources – including aggregated BBO and streaming RFQ prices from OTC desks – in a customizable, consolidated exchange order book. In addition, the platform calculates execution fees pre-trade, enabling users to make better decisions regarding where to trade. Users also have access to historical market data to back test or perform custom analyses.

d. Trade: Talos features sophisticated trade execution tools and an expansive liquidity network to help traders achieve best execution. The Talos platform is familiar to most institutional traders and features advanced UI with a professional trading interface and click-to-trade capabilities. Our multi-dealer RFQ allows traders to receive quotes from multiple destinations. Our Algorithm/SOR is an advanced suite of fee and balance-aware execution algos that can route to all major exchanges and OTC desks. The Talos Order Management tool enables users to manage orders and trade data in one place while getting real-time views of balances and unsettled positions. Talos also offers Synthetic Crossing (FX-Crypto) to improve execution costs while reducing risk and operational burden when pricing or trading non-USD denominated cryptocurrency pairs (ex: BTC-EUR, ETH-SGD).

e. Post-Trade: Talos enables traders to analyze trading decisions, satisfy presorting requirement, and ensure the safe and efficient settlement of trades. Settlement Integrations with the industry’s leading settlement networks and custody providers enable users to seamlessly move funds within the platform. The Talos TCA tools easily analyze trading costs relative to a range of benchmarks and reporting tools provide the ability to access and export reports on order, trade, balance info and more.

f. Infrastructure: Once connected to Talos, users receive white-glove support and flexible access capabilities that provide advanced APIs and institutional-grade performance.

Who does Talos serve, and how can potential clients begin utilizing Talos’ services?

Talos serves institutional investors and traders on both the buy-side and the sell-side, from traditional finance as well as crypto-native firms. Schedule a 1:1 product demo today and learn more from our website: