We invest in what we know.

DRW Venture Capital is a stage-agnostic investor in financial and enterprise technology firms where our expertise adds value, together with our capital.

Whether you are an early-stage start-up or pre-IPO, our approach provides support from initial investment through subsequent funding rounds to a successful exit.
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We deliver liquidity.

Unlock access to premium liquidity from one of the most established firms in the diversified trading space. With no outside investors, we have significant flexibility and look to invest in companies we believe in.

We offer insights and expertise.

Get valuable insider expertise from a firm that understands your business beyond its capital requirements. We provide access to relevant teams and subject matter expertise to test products, measure success and deliver critical feedback.

We have a track record of success.

We only invest in arenas we know well—and often had a direct hand in helping to build. This targeted approach has served us well and we have supported a number of companies to develop products, inform strategy and raise strategic capital, increasing value together.

We focus on finance and enterprise tech.

We invest in firms with capable and proven management teams and strong growth. In addition, we have the flexibility to continue to support our companies as they scale, through initial and follow-on financings.

We've invested in—and successfully exited—companies at the forefront of our target sector.


Kimberly Trautmann is the Partner of DRW Venture Capital. Her team focuses on revenue-generating and high-growth businesses that will derive value from DRW beyond capital.

Kimberly Trautmann

Partner, DRW Venture Capital