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In The News: DRW invests in Green Key Technologies and Don Wilson joins advisory board


DRW has become an equity owner in Green Key Technologies, winner of the 2015 most promising sell-side start up award and maker of patented voice software designed specifically for traders and brokers.

"Green Key is building the next generation in trader voice capabilities,” said Donald R. Wilson, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of DRW. “Their voice software removes barriers for traders, lowers costs for brokers and increases compliance within the financial markets.”

The patented Green Key cloud-based “software turret” completely replicates the functionality of legacy hardware turrets and lines, but at a fraction of the cost. Traders and brokers simply download the voice software onto their PCs, establish connections to counterparties and “push-to-talk” in real time with an unlimited number of users. Communication is encrypted and recorded and can be transcribed for real-time compliance capabilities.

Green Key also announced that Don Wilson has agreed to serve on the company’s advisory board. Wilson will join former CFTC commissioner Jill Sommers, former CEO of ICAP Electronic Broking David Rutter, and former General Counsel of ICE Exchange Jim Falvey.

As part of the advisory board, Wilson will provide guidance to company management, assist in forming strategic partnerships, and spearhead ongoing investment discussions with top banks, brokerages, trading firms, and exchanges across the globe.

“Don has consistently been on the right side of financial market innovation,” said Anthony Tassone. “We see his involvement as a strong endorsement of our long-term goals.”