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Software Developer shares how he applies Computer Science degree to a full-time role at DRW

We sat down with Software Developer Hamza, a former intern who recently joined DRW full-time, to gain insight into his journey from Internship to full time employee.

What was your path to DRW?

While studying Computer Science at University College London, I attended several events to help me discover the different opportunities that were available upon graduation, and which of these would align best with my interests. The trading industry was one which I found myself particularly drawn to, due to the fast-paced and competitive environment. The ability to have a direct and measurable impact as an individual was also something which greatly appealed to me.

DRW stood out as a trading firm that placed a heavy focus on its sophisticated technological infrastructure to maintain its competitive advantage. I ended up joining DRW as a Software Developer Intern over the summer, where I had the chance to work on multiple projects with different trading desks. This gave me exposure to various parts of the firm and first-hand experience of how the trading teams operate. During the internship, the weekly events provided great downtime, spending the evenings exploring London.

Upon graduation, I returned as a full-time Software Developer on the Global Delta One trading desk.

Describe your role at DRW. What does a typical day look like for you?

Since joining DRW full-time, my role has primarily involved the market data side of our systems, which has given me an opportunity to jump right into working on critical parts of our infrastructure. Correctness and performance have been a core focus of the projects that I work on, as market data acts as a gateway into the rest of our trading systems, where the data must be fully trusted.

Despite being new to the team, I’ve had the opportunity to take ownership of core parts of the trading infrastructure. Our rapid release cycles allow immediate feedback on new changes, which is immensely helpful to the learning experience as a new graduate.

Alongside individual projects, working to gain a holistic view of the trading infrastructure for our team has been essential – both to troubleshoot live issues, as well as anticipate future ones.

What skills are most important to be successful in your role?

Since my role often involves liaising with people both in and outside of the firm, effective communication is crucial. When working with others, it’s important to ensure as much information is shared as possible, as details that may seem insignificant to yourself can often be key to making progress towards a solution. Balancing this with the ability to be concise is integral to the role.

Alongside this, resourcefulness is also an important skill to have as a software engineer on a trading team. When facing obstacles, there often isn’t a clear path forward, and being able to pull information from as many sources as possible to make informed decisions is essential.

What’s your favourite thing about the London office?

The view of the city skyline!

Also, the rapid growth of the London office has meant there’s always something new in the works. In just the year since my internship, the office has more than doubled in size!

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