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Software Developer shares how collaboration is vital to his success

What was your path to DRW?

Given my keen interest in the fundamentals of economics and trading, I’ve known since my first year of college that I wanted to work in the finance sector.

Upon graduating, I made that a reality when I landed a job as a Technology Analyst at Morgan Stanley. After three years in that role, I learned about DRW. After doing some research, what really stood out about the firm was the culture. It seemed very different from many other companies in Montreal – friendly atmosphere, beautiful office, and seemed to provide a decent work-life balance. After interviewing and connecting with the team, I knew it was a place that I would enjoy.

Can you tell us about your current role?

I am a Software Developer that develops the programs and writes code that fuels the success of our event-driven trading team. This means when things happen around the world, DRW's goal is to be the first to react and place a trade. We rely on our proprietary technology to gather information and process it at a rate quicker than our competitors.

How have you grown in your career?

My role requires a lot of problem solving and thinking outside of the box in a way that varies from the traditional developer role. For example, in a more traditional role, when an internal client asks for a new website, you move on once you've created it and met all the requirements. In my current role, if we are not winning every single event, then there is something to improve on. And, we are not going to win every time, so there is always room for growth – and at times the solution is not clear.

Trying to determine these software solutions is what I enjoy most about my role. We are always trying to find the newest technology and the newest ways to help us move faster on a trade.

Are you collaborating often with your colleagues?

As a software developer, my team writes software that is used to extract information that supports our trading efforts. With this process comes a lot of collaboration. For example, there's a team dedicated to determining the best sources of information; trading teams who determine what information is relevant; and an operations team who ensures everything is configured correctly. It's a highly collaborative process. When our software succeeds, we succeed, because our teams around the globe worked together to make it happen. And, it feels good to win as a group.

What advice would you give someone starting a role on your team?

Read about hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and trading. It will provide a deep understanding of the business. I would also suggest trying to understand the goals of the firm – once you have that you are able to create better solutions.

DRW is the type of place where all ideas are welcome. If you have a good idea, DRW is a place that will give you the liberty to try it out.

What is your favorite thing about the Montreal Office?

The feeling of being one big family. I come into work every day and have friends on different teams that I am excited to see every day. It feels like I am part of one big community and we’re all on the same team trying to get the same thing done.