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Quant Seeking Career at Intersection of Math and Computer Science Finds Great Fit at DRW

Fiona, a Quantitative Researcher at DRW, opens up about her role, experiences, and advice to young professionals starting a career in fintech.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

As a Quant Trading Analyst, I work on trading and research strategies along with assisting the day to day trading for my team. My team is a hard-working and smart group of people, and everyone contributes something different to the group – a necessity when we are working towards tackling a large problem together!

What do some of your previous education and experiences include?

I graduated from MIT where I studied math and computer science. I would strongly recommend any quantitative, statistics, and computer vision classes to any computer science majors! These classes allowed me to create unique projects and design a variety of interesting algorithms. The courses were challenging and taught me skills that I am still finding critical in my work today.

What led you to the current role you have at DRW?

There were a few things I was always sure of that I wanted out of my career: I knew I wanted to work in math and science, a fast-paced industry, and find a role where I would be challenged. When I found out about the Quantitative Trading Analyst role with DRW, I knew it was an opportunity I had to explore. After speaking with various team members and making it through the interviews, I was ready to get to work.

Is there any advice you would give to a young professional starting a career in fin tech?

It can be intimidating to be the only woman in a room, but it's important to always speak up. No one will know your ideas or understand how you are feeling if you don’t voice them. If you work hard, believe in yourself, and believe in the work you are doing, a successful career will follow you.