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Cryptocurrency analyst shares his 100% remote interviewing and onboarding experience

It's been a year since our teams shifted to a remote environment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we caught up with some team members who have joined the firm over the past year. Hear from Nate, Cryptocurrency Analyst based in Chicago, on his remote interviewing and onboarding experience.

How did you learn about DRW?

I learned about DRW through Brian, who manages the team I’m a part of. I was introduced to Brian and after hearing about DRW I was immediately drawn to the organization. I had a background working in the cryptocurrency space and Cumberland DRW happened to be hiring for a position I felt I was a strong fit for me and my interests.

Can you describe your interview experience?

My interview experience was enjoyable and gave me a strong first impression of DRW. Interviews were scheduled quickly, communication was clear, and HR was responsive. The aspect of the interview process that stood out most to me was the clear passion for the cryptocurrency space from everyone I interviewed with. The interviews themselves had a conversational structure with the more rigorous questions being fit into the natural flow of the conversation, which I found refreshing.

For me choosing DRW could not have been an easier decision. From my first interview I knew it was exactly where I wanted to be. The conversations I had during my interviews conveyed intellectual curiosity, passion for the subject matter, an openness to new ideas and ways of thinking, and an unwillingness to accept the status quo. My interviewers seemed more interested in my thought process and how I reached conclusions than the answer itself. This revealed a work culture that fosters innovative and critical thinking and was representative of the culture seen at many of the most innovative companies in the last 20 years. This made me confident in my decision to join DRW and reinforced my belief that the company will continue to be a leader in the industry.

Given our remote “new normal,” what is your perspective on DRW’s culture?

After roughly two months at DRW I feel that my initial impressions of DRW’s culture were accurate. The DRW culture is inclusive and I felt welcomed from day one. During my first week, a number of people at Cumberland reached out to me asking to setup a call to introduce themselves and learn more about my background. I also quickly noticed that more senior members of the team were always happy to discuss thoughts or insights and were happy to consider recommendations. In summary, my perspective is that the DRW culture fosters individual growth, rewards hard work and commitment, and values work-life balance.

How do you and your team members stay connected?

I have a daily meeting with my manager every morning to cover anything I want to talk about or go over any questions I might have. I also have a daily stand-up with my team every afternoon. This has been very helpful for me to get to know my team members better, discuss any ideas or thoughts, and provide my own opinion on the thoughts of other team members.

I interact with members of other teams and departments quite often and feel like I have developed relationships with many of the people I work with. We try to use video on all our virtual meetings, which helps me build the connection. The fact that we all share the same interest in the cryptocurrency space also helps build a further connection with team members.

Have you been able to participate in any virtual activities since joining the firm?

One virtual activity I have participated in so far was a virtual talk with Matt Leising, author of Out of the Ether: The Amazing Story of Ethereum and the $55 Million Heist that Almost Destroyed It All. I really enjoyed this talk and was excited to get to ask my questions directly to Matt during the questions section of the event. It was great to hear Matt talk about his experience doing research for his book and the stories that he got to hear first-hand when interviewing and talking with industry experts.

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