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Learn more about our intern projects: Yunji

Learn more about our intern projects: Yunji

Yunji - Software Developer Intern

This week, I’m putting the final touches on my project before my internship ends. I’ve been building an application to improve upon the one my team currently has in place. I’m hoping the work I did this summer will provide my team with a new application that will improve our current system, and make my team’s workflow more efficient. Since I had to use Elixir (a language I’ve never coded in before), the process was challenging, but I had a lot of resources to help me along the way and love that I’m leaving my internship with a new skill.

Something I did before every project was to sketch out the existing code on paper. By seeing which functions led to which functions, I was able to learn the code in-depth before starting, which is really important when building onto an existing system. Whether it was generating my own test data or reading an introductory book on Elixir, I had to be creative in how I handled getting stuck. Luckily, I had my mentor, Shannon, who helped me not only when I was stuck with my code, but navigating the rest of my internship at DRW as well.

Check out Shannon’s “Five books for software developers early in their career” blog post here.