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After a bit of research, Angel decided to pursue an internship in finance, and DRW felt like the perfect place to get that experience. Learn more about his summer as a software developer intern in our Montreal office, and the skills he’s taking back to school with him:


As a computer engineer, the finance industry isn’t always the most obvious career path. Spending my summer at DRW was the perfect way to learn more about the space and figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my degree from McGill. I knew I was off to a good start when I was given my own project to own very early on during my internship. I was assigned to write a server to make an existing trading system more efficient. I focused on the experience of the user, not just traditional UX, but also wrote code to automate processes and improve latency.

Over the summer, I’ve both learned new skills and honed old ones. For example, I already knew Python, but I’ve begun to expand my ability to use it in many different ways. I used Node.js for a few school projects, but after this internship, I’ve developed a solid foundation in the language. My team has really contributed to this growth in my skillset. They are always there to help and provide feedback. It’s a very collaborative company, and the people on my team has been my favorite part of the summer. By being able to work on my project individually but also staying connected to the work of my team, I can see how my work fits into the bigger goals across the firm – and it’s a great feeling being able to see those results.