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If you aren't curious, you aren't doing it right

Not all superheros wear capes. Seth Thomson, this week’s Power Lunch Series speaker, prefers a simple button up. A comic book salesman turned talk show host turned CIO of DRW, Thomson has seen success because of his fearlessness.

Thomson spoke with nine students last week about seizing any opportunity that come up. He lives his life by taking chances.

“Every day, I’m uncomfortable,” Thomson said to the students. “I’m always stretching and growing.”

Thomson spends part of his time bringing coding skills to diverse communities. He’s driven by making tech an equal playing field, which makes him a perfect fit with ChiTech's Mission and values.

“We haven’t done a good job preparing students, veterans, whoever, for the jobs of the future. I want to see more tech classes available for everyone,” he said.

Even his son is learning to code through Youth Digital, a tech education company focused on simplifying the tech education process.

Thomson’s work ethic just won’t quit, and he attributes this to remaining curious throughout his life. He observed students probably have classes they don’t think matter. A resounding “yeah” filled the room.

“The things you learn can open doors for you later,” he reassured the students. “Extend yourself early in life through hobbies, watch for opportunities, and seize them when they show up.”

Thomson suggested the students read “Getting Things Done”, a productivity book by David Allen that Thomson said changed his life.

Thomson believes every student who takes chances and stays curious can be a success story.

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This originally appeared on the Chicago Tech Academy blog on February 7, 2017