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How to make your resume stand out


With any job or internship, your resume is the first step to a successful application. Resumes are a great way to introduce prospective employers to your personal brand and accomplishments. Below are a few tips to consider when crafting your resume.

Stand out

Your resume is typically our introduction to you. Take a moment to look through the job description you are applying for, and adjust your resume slightly to highlight the key skills and attributes that make you a perfect fit for that role.

It’s important to include specific things on your resume to help you stand out. At DRW, we value continuous learning and deep curiosity. Maybe you work in a physics research lab, you achieved the highest grade in your data structures course or you are president of the ‘women in engineering’ program at your school – these are all valuable indicators of how you would fit into the culture at DRW. Think about every major academic achievement and leadership role that has helped shape you and find a way to share it.

Your work at your university is not the only way you can stand out. Show us your personality through your hobbies and passions. Letting us know that you tutor math at a local middle school, are a poker or video game enthusiast or an avid backpacker are all examples of ways you can share who you are beyond your academic life. At DRW, we value our employees’ interests outside of work, and we want to hear about yours.

Be prepared

Keep in mind that you will need to be prepared to discuss everything you put on your resume at length. During our phone and in-person interviews, we will ask questions to understand your background more deeply. It’s important to list your prior internship experience or project research with accuracy so you can explain it in-depth when asked. Our goal is to gain insight into how you could apply your personal accomplishments and experiences to our work here at DRW.

Presentation is key

While the actual content is the most important part of your resume, presentation is important too. Make sure your resume is concise and easy to follow, and always be sure to double check for grammar, consistency and typos. Take the time to have your resume peer reviewed by friends and mentors, and if you’re an undergrad, keep it to one page. When you first start drafting your resume, try bringing it to your school’s career center to get initial feedback, and consider bringing it back as a final check. Your school will have templates and professional feedback to help you feel confident in your application.

Your resume is your first opportunity to put your best foot forward. Tell us what you know, what you’ve done and who you are. We look forward to reviewing your application.