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How to Become a Successful New Grad Developer at DRW

At DRW, a software developer collaborates closely with users to understand issues and collect requirements which allows them to plan streamlined and effective solutions through design and development, rigorous testing, and ongoing support post-deployment.

To thrive in this position, individuals need to demonstrate outstanding technical proficiency, coupled with the capacity to cultivate relationships, adapt swiftly, and absorb extensive business insights. This article delves into the qualities needed to excel as a software developer at DRW.

What we are looking for?

A successful software developer at DRW embodies confidence, humility, curiosity, and is a team player. They demonstrate confidence in their ability to solve the most challenging problems. Their humility shows in their ability to admit a mistake while seeking effective solutions. Their curiosity is reflected in their innovative approach to problems. And most importantly, they are always willing to collaborate or assist a team member in need.

What can a software developer expect in their first year?

In the first year, a software developer can expect to learn a lot. They will get to apply what they have learned in school to some unique and challenging problems. There may be a bit of a learning curve to start, but they will be surrounded by some of the brightest in the industry who are there to provide support and guidance.

The Interview Process

  1. We typically start with an online coding assessment. This assessment is designed to evaluate a candidate’s technical skill and problem-solving abilities.

  2. If the candidate makes it past the coding challenge, they will be invited to do a zoom interview where more of their technical abilities are assessed. Interviews typically take about 45-minutes.

  3. The final step of the interview process is a final round onsite. This interview takes place in our office and consists of an additional coding challenge as well as technical interviews. Candidates will meet with their potential teammates, tour our office, and learn more about DRW as a whole. After the onsite, a decision is made on whether or not to extend an offer to the candidate.

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