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From Intern to Quantitative Trading Analyst

Embarking on a career journey that combines rigorous research, creative coding and the dynamic world of algorithmic trading can be an exciting endeavor. For Damon, his path led him to DRW. Learn more about Damon's journey and a project that played a key role in developing his skills during his internship.

The road to DRW Damon's passion for research into deep quantitative problems, and love of writing good code, led him to seek a role that would allow him to continue solving challenging problems using computational techniques. Given the fast-paced environment, algorithmic trading focus and strong emphasis on technology at DRW, Damon found it to be an ideal fit.

A standout internship project: Predicting Low-Latency Trade Impact on Market Volatility During part of his internship at DRW, Damon worked on a project involving the prediction of how various low-latency trade ‘scenarios' impact short-term implied market volatility. This project provided him with his first real exposure to the captivating world of market microstructure. He discovered the excitement of delving into the order book and learning how options traders perceive and navigate volatility. This experience deepened his appreciation of the complexities involved in modern market-making.

Factors contributing to project success Several factors played a crucial role in the success of Damon's internship project. First and foremost, DRW's analytics tools gave him the data he needed to perform thorough statistical analyses and eventually build a forecasting model from these. Collaboration with fellow interns who had worked on linked projects fostered a supportive environment where ideas and insights were shared, enhancing the project's outcomes. Additionally, Damon's regular catch-up sessions with experienced traders and researchers proved invaluable in grounding his intuition and refining his approach.

From intern to Quantitative Trading Analyst Damon's exceptional performance and dedication during his internship paved the way for his current role as a Quantitative Trading Analyst on DRW's European equity volatility market-making team. This hybrid role combines research, trading, and the development of technology to support the trading desk. His internship project offered a glimpse into the types of challenges he would encounter, familiarizing him with some of the intricacies of the role and facilitating a smoother transition into his current position.

Damon's journey at DRW exemplifies the possibilities that arise when combining a passion for research and programming with an interest in algorithmic trading. His intern project not only expanded his knowledge of market microstructure but gave him the tools to be successful in his current role as a Quantitative Trading Analyst.