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Organizations Making a Difference in our Communities

DRW gives back to charitable organizations selected by our employees in order to help people and businesses in our local communities. We encourage you to learn and contribute to these organizations making a difference as well. For specific details, visit each organization’s website linked below.

[Inspiration Kitchens](#inspiration-kitchens "Inspiration Kitchens")
[Lakeview Pantry](#lakeview-pantry "Lakeview Pantry")
[Bottom Line](#bottom-line "Bottom Line")
[Code Platoon](#code-platoon "Code Platoon")
[Off Their Plate](#off-their-plate "off-their-plate")
[Meals for the NHS](#meals-for-the-nhs "Meals for the NHS")
[College Possible](#college-possible "College Possible")
[Curt’s Café](#curt-s-café "Curt’s Café")
[Metro Squash](#metro-squash "Metro Squash")
[Kid's First Chicago](#kid-s-first-chicago "Kid's First Chicago")
[Reading in Motion
](#reading-in-motion "Reading in Motion")[Vocel](#vocel "Vocel")
[America Needs You](#america-needs-you "America Needs You")
[Open Books](#open-books "Open Books")
[Noble Family Support Fund](#noble-family-support-fund "Noble Family Support Fund")
[Cook County Hospitals](#cook-county-hospitals "Cook County Hospitals")
[Greater Chicago Food Depository](#greater-chicago-food-depository "Greater Chicago Food Depository")
[Hesed House](#hesed-house "Hesed House")
[University of Chicago Hospital Foundation](#university-of-chicago-hospital-foundation "University of Chicago Hospital Foundation")
[Northwestern Memorial Foundation](#northwestern-memorial-foundation "Northwestern Memorial Foundation")
[One Million Degrees](#one-million-degrees "One Million Degrees")
[Hunter Health Clinic](#hunter-health-clinic "Hunter Health Clinic")
[Sewing Masks for a Safe Chicago](#sewing-masks-for-a-safe-chicago "Sewing Masks for a Safe Chicago")
[My Block, My Hood, My City](#my-block-my-hood-my-city "My Block, My Hood, My City")
[Resilience](#resilience "Resilience")
[Noble Network - Summer of a Lifetime](#noble-network-summer-of-a-lifetime "Noble Network - Summer of a Lifetime")
[Code Nation](#code-nation "Code Nation")
[Koval Distillery](#koval-distillery "Koval Distillery")

Inspiration Kitchens

Inspiration Kitchens creates opportunities for people affected by homelessness and poverty. With the help of Chicago chefs, Inspiration Kitchens teaches individuals skills that are useful for jobs in the culinary industry, and to date have placed their students in over 650 jobs after working in one of their kitchens. Learn more about [Inspiration Kitchens here]( "Inspiration Kitchens here").

Lakeview Pantry

Lakeview Pantry’s goal is to eliminate hunger in Chicago by creating effective and innovative solutions to provide food to those in need. Additional goals are to raise awareness of social service programs as well as hunger and poverty in the community. Donations go towards food deliveries, job training, mental health counseling and more. Head to [Lakeview Pantry's website]( "Lakeview Pantry's website") for more.

Bottom Line

Through rigorous curriculum, personalized support, and one-on-one mentoring, Bottom Line helps low-income, students apply to and graduate from college. High school students receive ongoing support from their advisors, while college students receive on-campus mentoring up until graduation. This program ensures that these students receive the proper tools and resources needed to graduate with established career goals and plans. Learn more at

Code Platoon

Code Platoon offers coding bootcamps, technical trainings, and career placement guidance to help veterans and military spouses gain the skills and experience necessary to apply for jobs after the military. With no technical background needed, this non-profit program teaches beginner and experienced courses with hands-on training and professional development. Learn more about Code Platoon’s program.

Off Their Plate

With the help of donations and volunteers, Off Their Plate works to bring meals to healthcare staff and families in need, while bringing work to restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. 100% of the funds raised goes directly towards the communities that Off Their Plate serves, with locations in Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and Philadelphia. Learn more about Off Their Plate.

Meals for the NHS

Meals for the NHS started out as just a few friends wanting to help their community and local hospitals. However, that quickly turned into a group of over 90 people working together to turn donations into meals for NHS staff. All donations go towards meals for NHS staff and this organization is trying to get as many meals to as many mouths in the quickest ways possible, thanks to volunteers and donations. Find more details about Meals for the NHS here.

College Possible

College Possible strives to increase the rate of college admission and college degrees no matter a student’s class or income. College Possible’s programming is created based on four key objectives: coaching and mentoring, research-based curriculum, networking, and ongoing commitment to college success. Head to their website for more.

Curt’s Café

Curt’s Café is a restaurant as well as a training and learning program to help at risk or formerly incarcerated young adults gain the tools and resources needed to find a job. Students are referred to Curt’s Café by job centers, probation officers, social service agencies, students, and family and friends. The program teaches culinary and educational instruction courses either in classroom settings or on the café lines, led by volunteers and mentors. Learn more.

Metro Squash

Metro Squash brings squash and academics together to provide physical, emotional, and professional development for students. Through a 12-year pathway program, Metro Squash has served over 400 students with a 98% college enrollment rate, 100% postsecondary matriculation rate, and 88% college persistence rate. Read more about their mission here.

Kid’s First Chicago

With a mission to ensure high-quality education is available to all students, Kid’s First Chicago educates communities to advocate for access to high-quality public schools as well as provides data research to policymakers to shape education policies and systems. Learn more about Kid’s First Chicago here.

Reading in Motion

Reading in Motion focuses on building foundational reading skills from pre-kindergarten through first grade, with a mission to get every student reading at or above grade level. Reading in Motion teaches core literacy skills that can be utilized throughout children's entire education. They are continuing to provide distance learning while team members and children work and learn from home. Learn more.


Vocel is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring quality learning to children. Vocel encourages young children’s brain growth through parent-child early learning, as well as emotional support in order to ensure children’s overall well-being in school and in life. Learn more at

America Needs You

This non-profit provides mentorship and career development programs for first-generation college students to help build the skills needed to better prepare for their careers. Mentor and career coaches work alongside students to help better prepare them for interviews, internships, and their future careers. Interested in helping? Head to the America Needs You website for more.

Open Books

Open Books serves to improve and transform students’ reading and writing skills through educational programs by providing continuous access to books, mentors, and engaging instruction. Programs include one-on-one reading sessions, novel-writing lessons, and even virtual meet-ups to ensure the learning continues even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about Open Books.

Noble Family Support Fund

The Noble Family Support Fund aids families experiencing hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations of this fund go directly toward supporting these families with financial assistance for everyday essentials such as groceries and medical bills. Learn more about how you can support this cause.

Cook County Hospitals

Four contribution organizations under Cook County Health organize fundraising activities and charitable donations for health-related programs. Learn more about these specific organizations and their support programs.

Greater Chicago Food Depository

Chicago’s food bank works toward ending hunger in the Cook County community. With the help of donations, food is provided to over 700 programs in the area. Learn more about how to donate or provide support.

Hesed House

As the second largest homeless shelter in Illinois, Hesed House aims to provide shelter, housing programs, and essential living items to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. As COVID-19 continues to spread, Hesed House is utilizing donations to assist in their ongoing mission to continue to serve vulnerable men, women, and children in the community. Learn more about their current needs.

University of Chicago Hospital Foundation

Through the support of donations, The University of Chicago Hospital Foundation is able to provide research, education, and ongoing care to its patients. To help support this foundation’s initiative to create breakthroughs in science and medicine, visit The University of Chicago Hospital Foundation website.

Northwestern Memorial Foundation

Healthcare workers at Northwestern Hospital are working around the clock amid the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that patients are receiving proper health care. The foundation raises funds to provide high-quality healthcare in the Northwestern community, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Learn more about the Northwestern Memorial Foundation mission.

One Million Degrees

One Million Degrees is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower community college students by providing meaningful academic, professional, and financial support to scholars. With only one in four Illinois public college students graduating with a degree in three years, One Million Degrees dedicates their resources to ensuring opportunities and success in their scholars. Learn about how you can contribute to One Million Degrees’ scholars’ success and future.

Hunter Health Clinic

Hunter Health Clinic is a community health center providing patient-centered services and tailored plans to every patient in Wichita, Kansas. Hunter Health Clinic offers virtual visits, a critical necessity amid the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure patients are receiving ongoing access to their clinics and healthcare providers. If you would like to learn how you can support or donate to this health center, visit Hunter Health Clinic's website.

Sewing Masks for a Safe Chicago

This charitable effort uses 100% of the funds raised to produce high-quality cotton face masks for Chicagoans in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also providing work for seamstresses and tailors. If you would like to donate, please visit their Go Fund Me.

My Block, My Hood, My City

[My Block, My Hood, My City]( "My Block, My Hood, My City") gives children and young adults the tools and resources needed to build awareness of their community and understand the opportunities that are available to them, by encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone to engage and explore new experiences, organizations, and communities.


As a not-for-profit organization located in Chicago, [Resilience]( "Resilience") provides sexual assault survivors with crisis intervention counseling, trauma therapy, as well as medical and legal advocacy. Resilience aims to provide positive change in policies related to sexual assault as well as improve the overall treatment and care of sexual assault survivors.

Noble Network – Summer of a Lifetime

[Summer of a Lifetime]( "Summer of a Lifetime") supports Noble Network students by providing funding for summer academic programs at colleges across the country. Summer of a Lifetime continues their efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic, providing virtual support to over 200 students.

Code Nation

Code Nation is a non-profit organization that equips high school students with technical and professional skills, as well as workplace experience and confidence. Additionally, this organization provides coding courses and learning programs to students to help develop their skills and set students up for long-term success in their careers. Learn more about their mission [here]( "here").

Koval Distillery

Hand sanitizer continues to be in high-demand as COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the United States. To help make it more accessible, Chicago's KOVAL Distillery is producing hand sanitizer in bulk for hospitals and healthcare workers, retirement homes, and other frontline workers experiencing shortages, free of charge. All donations go towards purchasing supplies to keep up with the demand. Learn more about [Koval Distillery’s mission]( "Koval Distillery's mission").