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DRW Business Director Shares How She’s Grown in Her Career...From the Fashion Industry to Fintech

Anna’s experience in various industries has contributed to her career progression as DRW’s Director of Business Management for Asia. Below, she explains the several aspects of her role, overcoming challenges, and offers advice to young professionals.

What is a challenge you have experienced at work and how did you overcome it?
My role at DRW consists of managing relationships with prime brokers and exchanges, including working with desks to manage day-to-day issues and setup markets. This requires having my hands in multiple projects across the firm. Working closely with several departments means I need to be ready for obstacles and surprises from internal or external parties that can pop up at any given time. This can throw off the timeline for a project or even delay an expected go live date for trading. However, being prepared, staying informed and being creative with solutions help to mitigate these scenarios.

How has your career progressed?
I held roles in several different industries before my current role in the fintech industry, and each job I have held has prepared me for my next, challenging role. My career has continued to grow and I have been able to successfully tackle the challenges that come with new roles by continuing my learning and education – something that has always been promoted and encouraged at DRW. The tools and resources provided by DRW contribute to not only growth but navigating career goals within the organization as well.

How did you reach your level of success? What more do you want to accomplish?
Throughout my career, I have been able to learn from the ground up and advance into other positions in various industries. I took some chances with companies and roles I knew very little about early on in my career. Prior to working at DRW, I was working in the fashion industry and an old colleague of mine helped me to transition into finance when I decided that was the path I wanted to take. I started working for a large investment bank and then was eventually able to move to the proprietary trading side. It was at that firm where I helped build the business management team and evidently led me to DRW where I am currently the Director of Business Management, APAC. As we continue to grow, I would like to build out access to the rest of the APAC markets which I believe hold exciting opportunities for the firm.

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in a role similar to yours?
Early on in my career if I wish I would have known that you don’t need to do everything on your own – it's okay to ask for help when you need it. It’s important that woman feel empowered and not feel afraid to speak up when you have an opinion. There’s a lot of information to take in, so pay attention to the little details, be organized, and you will grow into your role.

What is your coaching or mentoring philosophy?
As a manager or mentor, it’s crucial to take the time to train your team members. Additionally, always make sure you are available for questions and put thought into how you answer them. Personally, if possible I like to talk through things in real time so replies to emails or projects can continue without any delays.