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5 tips from the DRW campus recruiters

Interviewing can be stressful and overwhelming at any point in your career, and even more so as a college student looking for a first job. To help you with the DRW interview process, our campus recruiting team is sharing their top tips.

1. Show Your Passion

Our people are passionate about what they do, inside and outside of the office. They might be passionate about new tech projects, economics, coding languages, or mentoring students from DRW College Prep. We look for candidates with similar passion, so think about what matters most to you and be ready to share it.

2. Be Confident

First impressions are important, and walking in with confidence goes a long way. You might be nervous—that’s okay. Take a deep breath, stand up straight, make eye contact and give a firm handshake. Deliver your answers confidently and remember, we aren’t always looking for the “right” answer, but want to learn how you make decisions and solve problems.

3. Meet and Greet

Attending DRW recruitment events on campus can really give you a head start. It’s a great way to meet DRW employees in a casual setting before the formal interview process begins. Introduce yourself to our team during the event (see #2!) and come prepared with questions about working at DRW, as current traders, software developers and quantitative researchers often attend.

4. Send the Right Message

Surprisingly, not everyone follows up after an interview, so you should! It shows us how excited you are about the role and DRW. You can do this via email or LinkedIn, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. Just let us know what you enjoyed about the discussion and reiterate your interest in joining the team. But, always be sure to triple check your message for typos or misspellings—they matter.

5. Hit the Books

Do your homework before the interview and learn everything you can about DRW. Check out, our social media profiles and outside resources to understand what it’s like to work here, how we fit into the financial markets and how we compare to other trading firms. Study the job description and brainstorm a few examples of how your past experiences (personal or professional) have prepared you to be successful at DRW. Don’t worry about memorizing everything—instead, jot down notes in your portfolio and reference them during your interview.