CumberlandLeadershipChicago Sep 24, 2021
Breaking down trends in the cryptocurrency market

LeadershipCumberland Sep 23, 2021
Breaking down trends in the cryptocurrency market

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ETFs make sense for crypto markets, says Cumberland’s Chris Zuehlke

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The Future of Fintech Began in 2020

LeadershipLife at drw Nov 4, 2020
Going Against the Grain Is Good for Progress. Why DRW Encourages Challenging the Status Quo

Venture capitalLeadership Jul 9, 2020
MVP Podcast: Valuing Your Company with Kim Trautmann, DRW Venture Capital

Venture capitalLeadershipTechnology Apr 29, 2019
What we learned about the data value chain

As part of DRW’s Speaker Series, our Chicago office hosted four thought leaders from across the data space. Led by Kim Trautmann, Head of DRW Venture Capital, panelists discussed data management and how the data space is evolving. In recent years, the data space has seen a huge influx in new technology, and not only a much higher amount of data but also a higher quality. That’s how Rachel Carpenter, CEO of Intrinio, sees the data space evolving.

Venture capitalCumberlandLeadershipCareers Jan 4, 2018
Women in Blockchain: Kimberly Trautmann at DRW VC

Kim Trautmann is the Director of DRW Venture Capital. Kim has been personally and professionally investing in financial technology for over a decade. How did you get into bitcoin? I was first introduced to the bitcoin and blockchain industry in 2013. I had a meeting with an influential investor and all he talked about was bitcoin. This was one of my most memorable early conversations because he knew so much about the space and couldn’t have been more excited.

LeadershipTechnology Oct 6, 2017
#DRWat25: Seth

I’ve been working in the financial sector since the late 90’s. I started as a consultant for an accounting software company before moving over to the trading industry. Immediately, I knew this was the right industry for me. I was surrounded by intelligent, driven people who were always pioneering to find novel solutions to technical problems. When I came to DRW, I was challenged to establish the infrastructure and processes we need to truly compete in electronic trading.

Real estateLeadership Sep 18, 2017
#DRWat25: David

Coming from hedge funds and private equity, I was accustomed to a more traditional investment approach, one constrained by an inability to match capital to the investment at hand. What excited me about joining DRW was our proprietary capital and opportunistic approach, and how this would position us for success in real estate and other illiquid markets. Convexity Properties was born following the financial crisis, with a focus on purchasing distressed real estate and giving it new purpose.

SingaporeTechnologyLeadership Sep 14, 2017
#DRWat25: Brook

When I started in the trading industry in the 90s, $2 brokers on the floor of the NYSE just started using these big handheld devices. The technology was dismissed as clunky and too advanced. However, once we all realized that the quotes were being fed directly to the market makers while simultaneously being fed upstairs, we knew a revolution had been born. Fast forward to today and we still see that in how DRW integrates our technology into trades where it makes sense.

ChicagoLeadershipCareers Jul 28, 2017
In the News: A career shaped by chance and a willingness to "just go for it"

Early on, Levy knew she wanted to be a lawyer, and after law school she thought she’d found her place as a corporate attorney in a law firm. Thirty-two years later, giving an interview from her office with DRW, a Chicago-based financial trading firm, she expresses amazement at the twists and turns, which she says have been all for the better. Read more at Vanguard Law.

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Robertson, Wilson claim M32 World titles

Robertson said he’d rather have raced but added: “It’s part of sailing, you’re dictated to by nature, and I think that’s the beauty of the sport. You’ve got to take whatever comes and unfortunately it’s ended like this. Too windy to race, it would have been nice to go out there and seal the deal on the race course, but I guess Mother Nature did it for us.” The driving rain today came in stark contrast tothe previous three days of glorious, sunny days in Marstrand.

Real estateLeadership Jul 3, 2017
#DRWat25: Leasing and Asset Manager

#DRWat25: Adriane I first heard about DRW during my junior year of college at UNC-Chapel Hill, targeting a front office summer internship. That internship would lead to my first job as a Trading Analyst, a new role as Head of Campus Recruiting and Education and now to being the Leasing and Asset Manager for Convexity Properties – a DRW Company. It’s been a really interesting career path. DRW has changed significantly over my 12 years.

Life at drwCareersLeadership Feb 13, 2017
If you aren't curious, you aren't doing it right

Thomson spoke with nine students last week about seizing any opportunity that come up. He lives his life by taking chances. “Every day, I’m uncomfortable,” Thomson said to the students. “I’m always stretching and growing.” Thomson spends part of his time bringing coding skills to diverse communities. He’s driven by making tech an equal playing field, which makes him a perfect fit with ChiTech’s Mission and values. “We haven’t done a good job preparing students, veterans, whoever, for the jobs of the future.

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DRW VC’s Kimberly Trautmann named to Crain’s Chicago Business #Tech50