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Fraud Awareness

Online fraudsters have become sophisticated in their methods of obtaining money, digital assets or personal information from their targets.

Cyber criminals may pose as legitimate companies, such as DRW, to perpetrate their scams. In some cases, fraudsters may use imposter social media accounts, mobile apps and web sites that are designed to look like legitimate companies. These scams can be complicated, involving repeated contact by email, phone or other means to build trust and request that targets send them money, digital assets or personal information.

With respect to DRW in particular, be advised that DRW trades for its own risk and account only. DRW does not provide investment advice, investment opportunities or custody services to any person. That means:

DRW will never promise you a return on an investment opportunity in exchange for money or digital assets.

DRW will never invest money or digital assets on your behalf.

DRW will never offer to hold your money or digital assets for safe keeping.

If any individual claims to be a representative of DRW and is asking you to send money or digital assets for any of these reasons, it is likely a scam.

Be advised that the following are the official websites and social media accounts for DRW:


Social media accounts:

DRW does not have a mobile app.

For more resources on protecting against and reporting cybercrime, or if you believe you are the victim of a scam, please see the links below or contact your local authorities: United States: