The fastest network in the world.

Low latency technologies supporting global trading infrastructure.

low latency technology

We make the impossible... possible.

We strive to move data between two points on earth faster than anyone. We do that by combining our best in class technology with some of the best people in the industry, ranging from network architects, network engineers and RF engineers to data scientists, software engineers, program managers, hardware designers, and more.

Industry-leading low latency technology

For 15 years, we've been a leader in the low latency space. We built the first US and European low latency wireless networks and today operate in the Americas, Europe and APAC.
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Focused on R&D

Our team is dedicated to designing, building, and operating one of the most sophisticated networks of its kind in the world. We support the global low-latency trading and infrastructure of DRW while also serving as a technological research center of the firm. We continue to push the boundaries of technology by pushing the limits of what is possible.

Providing low latency solutions to DRW, the fintech industry and other latency sensitive markets.


Lowest latency service from CME to most NJ venues.

Market Data
We enable one of the fastest market data services in collaboration with a leading data redistributor.

North America

  • Aurora - New Jersey
  • Aurora - Chicago
  • Aurora - Ashburn
  • Ashburn - New Jersey
  • New Jersey metro
  • and more…
UK and Europe

  • London - Frankfurt
  • Basildon - Frankfurt
  • London - Bergamo
  • Frankfurt - Bergamo
  • London metro
  • and more...

Hear from our NX team

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R&D is what we do. You want to work with us?

We are always looking for a good challenge and the best partner to take on that challenge. That’s why we are a proven choice for R&D partnerships and other collaborative projects.
There is always a better way of doing things, you just need to think outside the box and challenge consensus. We empower everyone on the team to try new ideas and we give them the resources to execute.”
Eric, DRW NX Director

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