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Pioneering carbon neutrality

Reshaping environmental sustainability and carbon trading, setting new industry standards for a greener future.

Our mission

We are committed to solving emerging global issues and we seek opportunities to use our resources to drive positive change.

Our commitment to carbon


Don Wilson co-founded Climate Vault, a non-profit that helps institutions achieve climate neutrality through compliance carbon market credits. This initiative led to DRW becoming the first carbon-neutral global trading firm in 2020.


The evolving compliance and voluntary carbon markets, aimed at meeting emission reduction targets, further prompted the creation of the Carbon RV desk within the same year, enabling DRW to leverage trading opportunities in the global compliance carbon markets.


DRW deepened its dedication to environmental sustainability by launching a Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) desk, aimed at investing in carbon projects that extend beyond the scope of the compliance markets. The VCM market, being initiative-driven, enables DRW and other participants to contribute to a broader spectrum of environmental and sustainability initiatives that are not constrained by regulatory mandates.


Continuing to innovate, DRW introduced Artemeter in 2024. This new venture combines DRW's expertise in global compliance carbon markets and VCM trading with enhanced services in structuring, origination, and advisory.


Climate-dedicated affiliates

Co-founded by Don Wilson, Climate Vault is a non-profit that helps institutions achieve climate neutrality through compliance market credits.

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Founded in 2024, Artemeter provides full-service carbon financing solutions, partnering with clients to achieve their decarbonization goals.

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