A diversified approach

Bringing together the right disciplines to succeed

DRW is a diversified trading firm that utilizes our own capital and trades at our own risk. We bring sophisticated technology and exceptional people together to solve complex problems in markets around the world and across many asset classes. We are motivated to compete at the highest level and unified by a commitment to operate with respect, curiosity and an open mind.

Our History

DRW was founded by Don Wilson, who got his start trading on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the late 1980s.  Every trader on the floor had a three letter acronym for identification—Don chose his initials, DRW, and the name stuck. Over the past 25 years, DRW has expanded globally while staying true to what has always set us apart…our ability to identify and capture opportunities by leveraging technology, research and risk management.

trader on the phone


Trading our way.

We trade for our own account in major markets across the globe. No outside investors. No third party funds. So we can be innovative and nimble, while using our market experience to prudently manage risk. We have the team and infrastructure in place to drive business forward without the inefficiencies that hold back other organizations. Not many places do things like we do, and we like it that way.


Core to everything we do.

Our approach to technology is ambitious, yet pragmatic. Our teams are empowered to solve challenging business problems, collaborating with equally motivated traders and researchers to engineer the right solutions for the job. The result? Inventive, performance-driven systems and networks deployed across the globe.

Our Affiliated Companies

As the markets have evolved over the past 25 years, so too has DRW. Our continued focus on identifying and capturing opportunities has led to new strategies, new businesses and new partnerships. Learn more about other DRW companies:

Convexity Properties is a fully integrated real estate investment firm. We focus on giving properties a new purpose, and in 2009, saw an opportunity in the real estate market to buy properties at competitive prices. Since then we’ve partnered with the community in addition to development and architecture firms to build upon unique retail, residential, commercial and mixed use properties to meet our sky-high standards.

After exploring the application of blockchain technology in the financial markets and trading bitcoin in the early days, Cumberland was launched as the cryptoasset arm of DRW in 2014. Today, Cumberland is a global leader in cryptoassets specializing in two-sided, institutional-sized liquidity. We offer 24/7 access to a wide array of cryptoassets while helping the ecosystem grow in a responsible, sustainable way.

As the firm diversified into real estate and cryptoassets, we naturally progressed to invest in ventures seeking to innovate in the financial markets. DRW Venture Capital invests in private companies with a focus on financial and enterprise technology. Our portfolio companies often benefit from our partnership beyond just capital – as a client, liquidity provider, through our review of new products and our deep industry expertise.