Our people make us exceptional

A culture that champions ideas, promotes growth and rewards results

The DRW approach is simple: tenure, experience and titles don’t matter as much as ideas, execution and results. We believe in creating opportunity to take on more complex problems, more interesting projects and more specialized skills. Our focus on performance doesn’t crowd out camaraderie. It’s a results-driven environment and everyone works hard, and it’s a place where friendships grow and respect is the norm. 

At DRW, you’ll work alongside smart, motivated people with diverse backgrounds at tech startups and on Wall Street, in hedge funds and academia—but that isn’t the only thing that sets us apart. It’s also our commitment to bringing on people who readily make themselves available to colleagues, actively seek challenges to their assumptions, and consistently choose to do the right thing.

I like that DRW doesn’t view technology as overhead, but rather an important investment. Of course, I love the catered breakfast and lunch, company outings and other perks too!
Michelle, Systems and Mobile Platforms Lead

Meet Michelle. She’s been part of the technology team since 2008 and is also a founding member of the DRW photography club. As a busy mom, she appreciates the social clubs that make it easier for her to enjoy her hobbies and connect with colleagues.

It’s the Goldilocks principle – DRW is just right. It’s not too big and bureaucratic and it’s not a startup with limited resources and big risk.
Brawnski, Senior Software Engineer

Meet Brawnski. A software engineer who has been with the firm since 2009, he has enjoyed poker games, Crossfit and motorcycle riding with his DRW colleagues over the years.

There is a mutual respect among employees here that is unique...respect for differences of opinion and technique, and a level of trust among engineers, traders and management.
Ashton, Software Engineer

Meet Ashton. An accomplished fencer trained in 15th century Italian longsword techniques, he credits this practice with the mental clarity he needs to perform in an industry that moves quickly and requires rapid decision-making.

I love working here because of the entrepreneurial nature of the company – new ideas are thoroughly considered.
Cyrus, Trader

Meet Cyrus. He’s an experienced trader who joined DRW in 2014 and likes the idea generation that he sees every day. Even more, he likes the effort that goes into ensuring good ideas have a chance to be implemented.

I came to DRW straight out of college with no background in finance. Since then, I’ve been learning nonstop.
Elaine, Algorithmic Trading Researcher

Meet Elaine. She has put her computer science degree from MIT to use in all aspects of the business – from programming to trading to research. Working with fun, intelligent people from different backgrounds is one of her favorite parts of her job.

Learn from us, learn from each other.

As a firm, we never stop learning, and it’s the same for our employees. We want—we expect—our people to seize opportunities for growth.  

  • Get out there

    Connect with other experts in your field at conferences, seminars and technical forums.

  • Mentor and be mentored

    Learn from your colleagues and share your insights via coaching and mentoring relationships.

  • Hit the books

    Use our tuition reimbursement program to continue challenging yourself outside our doors.

  • Looking for more? Visit our blog to see what it's really like to work at DRW.

At DRW, we do more than work together. Great colleagues mean good times.

Game room
Monthly wine tastings
On-site yoga classes
Chair massages
Daily catered breakfast & lunch
Game Tournaments
DRW-sponsored sports teams
Speaker Series & "Geek Lunches"
Mentor / Mentee Outings
Educational Opportunities