#DRWat25: Nic and Laurie-Anne

As we celebrate 25 years, we’re sharing stories from all arms of DRW, starting with Vigilant - a DRW Company. In 2013, DRW combined with Vigilant, a Montreal-based high tech firm that designs and deploys ultramodern systems and strategies for use in the global financial markets. Nic and Laurie-Anne share what it’s like to be part of DRW and part of Montreal’s vibrant community.

Every time a candidate accepts an offer to join us at Vigilant, I really feel that, together, we’re making a difference. I know that might sounds like a cliché, but it’s honest. As a recruiter at Vigilant for over three years, I’ve had a chance to make a big difference – we’ve grown by 50% in that time. I remember coming in on my first day (not wearing a suit for the first time in my career…which felt amazing!) and after only an hour, I felt like part of the team. We want people to feel welcomed and appreciated from the second they walk in the door.

As DRW and Vigilant have come together, we’ve been able to act on more opportunities. It’s been rewarding for many of our technologists to collaborate with people around the world and see their work in action at DRW and Vigilant. With the help of the team at DRW, we’ve also expanded our internship program, and we’re continually improving to make sure our interns are learning as much as they can while they’re here.

I love being an ambassador for Vigilant. We’re focused on building the best technology and empowering our employees, but just as important is our commitment to giving back to the communities where we live and work. Vigilant employees are active volunteers in Montreal, and we support an amazing group of community partners. We all share these values – I can’t wait to bring more driven and kind people into the company.


My first day at Vigilant was a total blur – there were so many interesting people to meet, processes to understand a new office to navigate. I remember coming home at the end of the day completely exhausted – and so excited to learn even more the next day. I was telling myself ouf, je ne m’ennuierai pas ici!

Since I’ve been at Vigilant, I’ve executed on a lot of cool ideas with constant support from our leaders –like the development of a new parental leave program where I hosted focus groups to get direct employee feedback. I’m able to bring in ideas from other industries, and from other parts of DRW. The HR teams across companies and offices collaborate, but also work independently to make sure we take the right approach at each office. Everyone at DRW and Vigilant is open to new practices and always learning from one another.

The tech scene in Montreal changes quickly – new players join the ranks every day and it’s growing faster than ever. This keeps on our toes. As an HR professional, it’s important to be part of a company that not only leads in their industry, but is also open to innovation from outside our doors. C’est ça la vie chez Vigilant!

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