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International Women's Day: A Conversation with Caroline, Global Head of Brand and Communications
Today we celebrate International Women’s Day – a day created to highlight the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. At DRW, we have many innovative and talented women leaders , including Caroline, the Global Head of Brand and Communications. Learn about her career and how her identity as a woman shows up in the way she leads her team. What was your path to DRW? I spent much of my career on the consulting side, working with large companies going through periods of turbulence – mergers, CEO transitions or some sort of crisis.
Employee Spotlight with Ramez, Software Developer
What was your path to DRW? I studied Software Engineering at Concordia University. During my time there, I interned at Bell Canada and Genetec. Upon graduation, I worked at Genetec for a year on a cloud team. While I enjoyed the work there, I was looking for something a bit more challenging and jumped at the Software Developer role at DRW. I have now been here for almost a year!
Employee Spotlight with Caitlin, Montreal Workplace Manager
What was your path to DRW? DRW was my first full-time corporate job out of university. Prior to working at DRW, I had internships that gave me event planning and brand management experience and I was seeking an opportunity that would allow me to hone in on those skills. Thankfully, I found that here at DRW where I’ve been given many opportunities for growth. Can you tell us about your current role and day-to-day responsibilities/projects?