A diversified approach

Bringing together the right disciplines to succeed

Our trading is diverse, and it’s this diversification that sets us apart. We trade across many asset classes and instruments, using a variety of models. Our approach is to combine the disciplines of risk management, research and technology to create optimal trading and investment strategies within the regulatory framework.



Our own way

We trade primarily for our own account in major markets across the globe. No outside investors. No third party funds. So we can be innovative and nimble, while using our market experience to prudently manage risk. We have the team and infrastructure in place to drive business forward without the inefficiencies that hold back other organizations. Not many places do things like we do, and we like it that way.


Core to everything we do

Our approach to technology is creative, yet pragmatic, drawing from the best ideas inside and outside our doors. Our teams are empowered to solve challenging business problems, working closely with traders and researchers to choose the right tools and solutions for the job. The result? Flexible, performance-driven systems deployed across the globe.

Real Estate

Another trade

In 2009, we started the real estate arm of DRW and have since established Convexity Properties. We look at real estate investments as another way to trade…the same analysis with a longer horizon. We take the lead developer role on many projects, as well as partner with leading development and architecture firms to bring increased value and new purpose to our properties.